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After my friends canceled our weekend plans 😒, I was looking for something to kill time and finally ended up with a plan to create a portfolio website after going through my long pending list of Wish-To-Dothings.

Many hours of searching for technologies and templates later, I ended up creating this website using React.js and deploying it using Github pages. You can find the code for the website here (It’s called a ‘web-app’ technically, but for this article, I will be referring to it as a ‘website’ … I hope that’s ok 😜).

What you will learn

  • Some basic concepts of React.js

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Disclaimer: This story is not sponsored by any of the tools that has been described into the article (Travis-CI, Github, Github-Pages)

You have created a project in React.js and deployed it on the GitHub-pages (not yet ?? — create your first project in React.js) But what if you are making frequent changes into the code base and also want to keep the deployed version updated to the latest ? … You will find yourself in the tedious process of running the deployment scripts again and again !!!

What if the deployment process can be automated ??

After some quick google search session, I found that it is possible and can be achieved by Travis CI — an open source tool can be used to automate the deployment of various types of projects. …

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I’m thinking about
what you and I could be
we could be us
we could be in love

Now time has passed
and nothing happened
neither that walk
nor that ride

I wish I could be that guy
whom you were talking about
someone with magical smile
someone with magnetic charm

Now I want to go back
and turn around the time
when I saw your smile
smile that wasn’t for me

walking down the street with,

sleepless nights
chasing deadlines
overthinking mind
oh so lost me

And then i saw the alluring eyes of you ,

window of your soul
full of mystery
deep in there
oh i found me

O girl you made my day
you took my pain away
you made me alive
you made my life

And Now I am wide awake
now I am ready to fight
now I am ready to smile
now I am ready to live

O girl you made my day
you took my pain away
you made me alive
you made my life


Dhruv Barochiya

Just another curious random guy who happens to enjoy a writing a bit, you can find more stuff here:

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