Chapter-1 Manslaughter


Jacaleapa, Honduras

A boy walking down the dark road with a bag on his back, talking with someone on the phone. The road was wet as the rain just stopped like 10 minutes ago.

He walks to his house and ring the bell. No one opens the door. He continuously rings the bell. There was no lock from outside. He was tensed. He goes to his neighbor and ask for help. The neighbor also comes and knocks the door, no one opens the door for a while. Later, he tries to break in.

Later they get inside through the window. They saw that the father was lying dead in the house, the kid was horrified and started crying the very next moment. The neighbor was shocked. He calls the police.

Soon, the police was there. The first and the last thing that police was sure to say was that the man was hit by a hammer.

A day passed but not a single clue.

Police officer: I don't think that there was only one guy behind this, how can one be so perfect?


A man named John sitting in a cafe, continuously looking at his phone. His hands are shivering. He ordered the coffee for the second time. Just before the last sip, he receives a message.

"It's time."

It's almost dark. He walks down the same road the boy walked. Goes to the same house, and knocks. A man opens the door.

Then he start the talk like he is the school teacher of his son and he is there for talking about his future. The man ask him to sit down, he goes to kitchen. And then John takes out hammer from his bag. He goes to the man. He says 'sir'. That man looks back to him and then he hits him right on his head.

John comes out and walks straight to his house. Then he opens the gate. The light was already on. There was a police man sitting in front of him, he gets a little scared and asks him.

John: How dare you enter in my house? Why are you here?

Policeman: You know the reason.

John: I don’t know any reason, I don’t know you. Just get out of my house.

He don't reply, and keep staring at him.

John: What do you want from me?

Policeman: Answers

John: What answers?

Policeman: So you read newspapers, right?

John: I do, so what.

Policeman: Have you heard of the murders happening in this city? They are quite increasing, huh.

John was damn scared, you could tell by his face.

Policeman: And now someone have started using a hammer." He chuckles and the John understands that police knows about him. He was very scared.

"I don’t know what are you talking about?" John said shivering.

Policeman: It's fine. Police car will be here anytime. We will take you to the police station and we will get our answers.

The hero stands still at that place.

John: How can you come inside my house? Do you have any warrant?

Policeman: You have killed 3 people. What's wrong with you? Don’t you think about them or their family?

John: Answer me first.

Policeman: I don't have any warrant. I was keeping an eye on you for quite a long time. Now I am sure that it's you.

After the officer stopped saying, he stands up.

Policeman: "People like you, destroys people's lives. Not only the person you kill, do you know how does it feel when you lose someone you love. Just think about their family members. You will be arrested for what you ve done. You have done a lot of bad things. Police car will be here anytime" The officer said this much and then started looking for more stuff in the house.

The second he turns back, the hero sits on a chair with the bag on his lap. The officer looks back at him. While the police officer was looking at other stuff, he texted someone. Then the officer says. "Show me that hammer?"

The hero stands up and says pointing at the almirah. "It's in the second last drawer." The officer opens the drawer. There was a hammer. The officer looks at it and then says.

"There must be blood on it. Its totally clean."

"Cause you are holding the wrong hammer in your hand."

"What do you mean?"

The officer turns back and the hero was standing right behind him. Then the hero says

"You were asking about this hammer, right?"

The John says bringing the hammer which had blood spots on it right near his face.

The police officer slowly brings his hand down to take the gun but then hero slams the hammer right in the head. The officer falls down. The hero stands still there. Then He hears police siren coming outside of the house. The hero sits on his knees. And that was his 5thmurder.

Then the gate opens and the policemen enters pointing gun at him. The moment they look at another officer lying there, they were shocked. They called for ambulance and more policemen.

Soon, the officers were about to take him outside, then two men comes from behind and hit the police men right in the head. They were lying on the road. First they looked around and see that there was no one. Then they drag the officers to the house.

After sometime they hear police siren.

John: What are we going to do?

Michael: First of all run from here.

Nick: And we have to call Gary. He is the only one who can save us.


After 5 days

Concordia, Honduras

They are in a hotel room, discussing about the next plan. Then Nick's phone rings.

Nick: Yeah we got the photos and the address.

Gary: That’s good, just remember it’s the last time.

Nick: Yes."

Gary: You will receive the payment by tomorrow evening, just get the work done tonight.

The phone cuts.

Nick looks at Michael and John, and say with a smile on his face.

"Last it is."