Cycling ON the Regents Canal

Yes, this trip was to Cycle ON the Regents Canal from Paddington Basin to Camden Market raising awareness about plastic pollution on the Regents Canal and in general. It was a short cycle and I arrived in Paddington Basin to set my Water Bike up. I forgot the kit of the day, which was my litter picker to pick up plastic and thankfully the cleaning team at Merchant Square lent me one. After all checks, I started off at 13:00

Almost immediately, just outside Paddington Station & Little Venice area, I was hit by our very own “Regents Canal Plastic Gyre”. I spent ages collecting plastic litter and boy oh boy, they were of all types; came in all shapes and sizes and I even founds a few unidentified items. Others were usual suspects like single-use plastic items, bottles, straws, cups, glasses, milk bottles, beverage bottles, styrofoam, takeaway packets, baby pacifier, balloons etc. Disgusting ;( check the pictures below.

Once I was out of this area, it was just amazing. I was in my element and could even do a little Facebook Live. It was a great day to be on the water, on the Canal. What a beauty, with the boats on either side. I had to cross the Maida Hill Tunnel and the Eyre’s Tunnel. I saw places which I never thought existed and when you walk on the road, you tend to ignore the tunnel to be disused but wow, just wow. Rules of the road have to be followed and I kept a sharp lookout on the water, not just while entering or in the tunnels. Crossing the London Zoo was amazing with the best seat to check out the Zoo. If you are in London, I highly recommend you to explore the Regents canal, else you are missing out!

The highest concentration zones of plastic litter were a) Paddington Station/ Little Venice Area b) Camden Market Area

Obviously, the waterbike was a great conversation starter and I could speak to a lot of people sharing what I was doing. Questions were — Are you employed to do this? Do you work for a charity? Are you volunteering? Well, guys, I am doing this since I am a curious citizen trying doing my bit to tackle and raise awareness about plastic pollution; and you can help me too. Come and join me in the next tide.

Originally published at Dhruv Boruah.