21 Email Delivery Checklist For Effective Email Marketing

Have you ever found yourself in a weird situation where you did something that you cannot undo?
One of my friends sent her boss a lewd text. Later, she realized that it went to the wrong recipient. And, not her boyfriend!! LOL !!
A dose of pure horror, isn’t it ?!! Quite embarrassing actually!!
Similarly, emails can also misbehave. And, many people find themselves in such awkward situations after hitting that send button. You might realize that you sent the wrong email, didn’t delete important information or did not attach important documents. Everyone is guilty in their own way.

Email Delivery Set Up

Now, if you have ever done email marketing, you must have come across the concept of email delivery set up. Your email platform consists of a number of elements to be set-up properly before you resort to sending your email campaign.
Below are some of the things you need to have ready before you blast-off that email:
From Address: Use a recognizable email address that has authenticity. If the email address of the sender makes your email look suspicious, chances of the recipient replying to such an email are minimal. Also steer clear of “Do-Not-Reply” IDs. (Here are some tips to find your prospects email)

  • Subject Line: Avoid unnecessary and unimportant subject lines that would create negativity in the recipient’s mind even before opening your email. So, keep your subject line catchy, short and attractive.
    (Checkout Tips on Writing a killer email subject line)
  • Analytics: Use of tools such as Google Analytics in your email marketing campaign to bring out some useful insights and thus will help in engaging your recipients more.
  • Social Sharing Buttons: There is nothing boring than being online in a social network where you cannot share your views. Being limited is like being caged, right? Add some social sharing buttons buddy!
  • “View Online” Link: Not everything posted online is readable. For whatever reason your email content is not readable, always create a ‘View Online’ link. The link will enable those unable to read emails on their devices due to readability issues, view them clearly online.
  • Unsubscribe Button: Not everyone will agree with you. People have different viewpoints and ideologies. If you find yourself in such a situation where some people in your list want to run for their heels, please let them do so.
    Provide unsubscribe link for them. Is that hard?
  • CAN Spam Compliance: Now, you don’t want your email delivered to the spam folder. Always make sure you are operating within the legal limits. So, make your emails in compliance with CAN Spam Regulations. This means including your physical address and contact details in the footer, among other requirements.
    (Learn 13 reasons why your email ends up in SPAM)
  • Clean Your Email List: Before writing that email, clean your email list to avoid sending an email to the wrong recipient. Once you hit that send button it’s like going to the sun. It’s so over.
    For your takeaway: Clean your email list from time to time.
  • Segment: Do not squeeze together all your subscribers in the same list. Segment them and serve them based on their interests.
  • Personalization Set Up: There is so much respect and honor in calling every subscriber by their name. It creates a sense of love and belongingness. So there is no harm in inserting their names or company names in the list.
  • Plain Text And HTML Formatting: Do not be too rigid. It pays to try different things out. If a plain text email is not working, include HTML formatting. It won’t hurt anybody and you won’t lose your head.
  • Spam Test: If the greatest scientists didn’t try many times,perhaps there would have been no discovery attached to their names. Do a spam test to ascertain the number of your emails that will go to the spam folder.
  • Schedule At Right Time And Date: Have ever received a call at midnight thinking it is an emergency call to receive only greetings? Oh no! This is very offensive. Send your emails to the right people at the right time. What about in the morning when most people wake up? Timing is everything.
  • Throttle Number Of Emails Per Hour: Throttle your emails accordingly by checking your ISPs maximum number of emails every now and then.

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