And what would he think of Emma Watson?

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Around November last year, Vogue released an interview with Emma Watson (which was a joy to watch). In it, she shared many insightful things on different topics (1:17 — impostor syndrome; 2:14 — social media, ‘duvet days’, white feminism, reform of history education in the UK; 6:35 — activism and meaning; 7:50 — activism as an artist; 9:03 — gratitude for turning out alright; 9:30 — pressures of turning thirty; 10:40 — guilt of not enjoying aspects of her life more; 12:44 — identity, vertigo of fame, and grounding; 14:28 — anxiety of being in public spaces; 15:20 — trans issues; 16:58 — empathy, fear and belonging; 20:57 — plurality and choice in feminism; 23:45 — her reach and influence; 26:00 — playing a symbol, being a human; 28:25 — embarrassing moments). …

Why moving on feels like moving backwards.

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It was late on a cold, dark, December night. I was sitting in my friend’s car, still getting used to the heated seats. We were having one of those deep conversations while he was driving. I can’t remember the exact words (and I’m struggling to think of a more vegan-friendly metaphor) but he said some platitude to the effect of “there are plenty of fish in the sea”.

I knew he was right. I agreed wholeheartedly. I’m sure countless humans have thought ‘woe betide me’ about their love lives and turned out to be wrong, and hell if I have the arrogance to think I or my situation was in any way special, or the stupidity to make the same mistake. …

Yoga teachers in the West misuse the word ‘namaste’; this is known to bother many Indians. In this post, I attempt to understand their reasons for doing so, offer counter-arguments, highlight how doing so is potentially emblematic of a bigger issue and propose a way to deal with it.

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Before we begin…

I need to explain a few terms that are usually taken for granted. Please don’t skip over this section, if people really knew what was here then there would be no issue in the first place.


‘Namaste’ is an ancient, Sanskrit word. It’s pronounced as follows:

  • ‘na’ as in ‘nun’
  • ‘mas’ as in…

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