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This was an interesting way to enter the world of Human Centered Design & Engineering. As someone who hadn’t experimented with this kind of work before, it was a fun project to start with. We had to go over the idea of how certain users have specific needs for automobiles, and how car manufacturers can tailor their vehicles to fit those needs, or how third party companies can contribute to help such users.

Our flowchart for how the interface would interact with users.

My group focused on how Uber drivers (our user group) might need quick access to emergency services should any sort of problem occur, especially since they could be liable for their passengers. We decided to integrate a quick emergency button into the app, as something that could provide a safer and quicker way for the driver to call for help should some sort of emergency arise. In addition, if the passenger is fine and the driver needs help, they can also press the button on the app creating a safer situation for everyone involved. Overall, it was a pretty quick process, but I am still surprised with how such a small idea that we were forced to brainstorm in a few short minutes turned into such a clear issue that could be addressed, and could actually help our user group.

In high school, I wanted to help a friend develop an app that he was working on for coding practice, since he wanted to learn how to code apps, and when it came to designing that I had some input on screens that it would shift through and different options on the overall layout. However, after this project, I learned how to really analyze the needs of a specific interface based on the specific needs of a user, and it might only apply to that small group of users. Although it seems somewhat obvious, the brainstorming aspect of this process allowed me to broaden my perspective and really consider many groups, and the fact that there were so many other people working on the same overall project, it was easy to also think of other user demographics to consider in development of the different interfaces. Based on this, I feel confident that I can now design more complex ideas that can apply to specific groups of people and solve problems that they might have in their use of modern day technology.

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