10 Tips To Create An Impressive Email Signature

E-mail signature is the last and the most valuable element of your email. This is because a strong, professional email signature can help you grab the attention of the recipient while he/she is all set to close your email and also helps you make a long-lasting impression.

But there are a few basic mandatory components to be included in every email signature. These include the sender’s name, title, company name, website and phone number. It is always a good practice to use your first and last name. Title works as an add-on to your reputation. Including your company name helps them get reminded about your company. A clean link to your website as an addition is a good practice as well. Your phone number will help the recipient contact you easily and right away. A basic email signature looks as stated below:

< Sender’s name >

< Title>, <Company name>

< Website link> , <Phone number>.

The above pattern is almost common to every email signature one receives throughout the day, and hence if you follow the same pattern for your email signature, it may become boring. If you want to make your email signature stand out from others to make it appealing, impressive and interesting, then here are 10 tips to create an impressive email signature. Read On…

  1. Short But Impressive — The email signature should not be more than 3–4 lines. A longer one is not easily readable as it will involve more time and attention. It also becomes difficult to open and view long signature on mobile devices.

2. Don’t Include Email Address — The email address should not be included in the email signature. It proves to be a waste of space. It gives an impression of reintroducing yourself again and becomes irritating for the recipient. Moreover in most of the email, if one hovers the mouse over the sender’s name the email address of the sender automatically pops-up.

3. Indicate The Social Media Profiles — The company will have accounts on numerous social media platforms. These social media plug-ins should be included in the email signature. This information makes it easier for the recipient to contact and enquire about you and your company. Do not include more than three social media. Using social media icon is always a good practice as it adds some colours to your text-based emails.

4. Include Call-To-Action — Call-to-action, if included in the signature helps hold the readers from leaving. This will direct the recipients to some other page thus holding them back by performing some action. This may be any downloading to be performed, scheduling a demo, welcoming any suggestion, etc.

5. Mention New Product Launches — Your email signature can contain your newly launched product, as this will help spread word about it. It can also have any hot selling product of yours,as this will enhance your goodwill. A blog post that expertly outlines what you have to offer can also be included in your signature.

6. An Exclusive Image — It is always better to use an image (preferably the company logo) in your email signature. Visuals are more easier to remember than text. Try to include some exclusive and colourful image to make your signature more memorable. It is advised to use people photos in the signature as it makes it distinct from other signatures.

7. Video Links — Videos also leave a more long lasting effect than the text. People are often curious to check out the video and it proves to be entertaining as well. Adding a link to a video can add uniqueness to your signature.

8. Blog Links — A link to any blog of your company should be added to the email signature. This will help to hold the reader prepared for leaving your email. Try to write something interesting as your blog introduction to induce them to check out the link for the blog.

9. Freebies — Any free tool or a free trial session to be provided by the company should be specified in the signature. This helps the readers get an idea about the freebies your company is offering. Freebies are always appreciated and adds to the goodwill of the company.

10. Industry Data — No matter whatever market you belong to, there is always some data to support your product/ service. This data if included in the email signature can do wonders as it adds some fun factor to your signature. The recipients also love to get some information about the company through this data.

Apart from these tips, there are also many email signature generator applications available for free online, such as Wisestamp, newoldstamp, htmlsig. Signature is your last impression. It signifies how your readers will remember you. So, utilize the above-stated tips and thereby create such an Email signature for you or your Company which is sure to grab all the eyeballs!!

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