How to use Mail Merge with Gmail To Send Personalized Emails

SalesHandy allows user to send personalized emails using mail merge with gmail to multiple recipients at a time .

Mail Merge Campaign allows users to

  • Send personalized mails to upto 200 at a time.
  • Save time and efforts in sending one-to-one personalized emails.
  • Track the mail openings, document openings & replies.
  • Keep in sync with the CRM

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How it works

With SalesHandy one can send emails using below mentioned email sending methods

  • Gmail
  • SMTP Servers
  • SalesHandy Server

Using Send Via Gmail option your email will be sent from your own gmail address connected with SalesHandy, it will look same as 1–1 email.

To Enable this option you need to connect you Gmail Account With SalesHandy. Follow the steps mentioned below to connect Gmail with SalesHandy.

Using Signed By SalesHandy option, your email will be sent from SalesHandy’s mail server.

Incase, you have your own SMTP server you can go to SalesHandy >> Settings >> SMTP Settings & set manual SMTP settings. Find below the screenshot for the same.

Once you have setup the account. You can now simply follow the below steps to send an effective mail merge campaign using gmail.

Step 1:

Login To SalesHandy >> Home >> Mails >> Campaign

Step 2:

As shown in the above image hit the “create campaign” button on the right top corner to start creating a mail merge campaign.

► Campaign Title:

It will help you identify the campaign purpose in later stage. It is for user convenience & it won’t be seen to recipient at any stage. Hence, you can name it as per your need. For ex. Reseller Cold Mail Set 1, Reseller Cold Mail Set 2 etc.

► Add / Select Recipients List:

If you have already uploaded a CSV & want to use the same mailing list again, simply select the second option “Choose a previously uploaded file” & Select the mailing list.


Upload a Comma Separated Value (CSV) File.

One can create the CSV file using Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

Add columns with the first row as title. i.e First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Location Etc. This will be defined as the name of the placeholder in your email template when creating a mail merge.

Note: The first 4 column in .CSV file is mandatory (do not change the value i.e FirstName, LastName, Email, Company), you can put custom fields from 5th onward.

Download Sample CSV From Here



► Select From Address:

As mentioned in the initial part of the blog, once you have setup the account by connecting the required email sending methods i.e Gmail OR SMTP OR SH. You can select the one from which you want to send the email.

Note: Sending via Gmail gives highest & assured opening rate. You will be able to check how many have replied to your campaign email in reports only if mail is sent via gmail.

► Template:

No need to write down or copy paste the email content every time you shoot the campaign. Simply use the existing email template created in your SalesHandy account.

Skip the step or keep it blank if you want to write the new email.

► Subject & Email Body:

If using an existing email template, it will fetch the subject & email body automatically.

Else enter desired email subject & body in the respective fields.

You will find the mail merge fields as uploaded in the CSV between Subject & Content field.

Select the mail merge placeholders you want to add in the content or subject line. Remember mail merge placeholders must match your column names of the CSV uploaded.

Tip: It is advisable to insert the placeholder by clicking on the placeholder shown. Manually typing can possibally left the error, as placeholders are both case sensitive & space sensitive.

Note: You need to add email signature in the body as SalesHandy Mail merge can not get the signature from your gmail or your SalesHandy Profile.

► Preview & Test:

Once completed the above steps, to check if placeholders has been placed perfectly or not, hit the “Preview” button or send test email before starting mail merge email campaign.

► Start Campaign:

You are just a hit away from sending personalized campaign (using mail merge with Gmail) i.e personalized emails to multiple email addresses at a time using mail merge fields from your own gmail address.

SalesHandy Mail Merge Report

► Total / Successful / Failed Emails

Report will show you the total number of contacts to whom mail merge campaign was sent, No. of successful deliveries & failed / unsuccessful email deliveries.

► No. of Email Opened

You can measure the campaign success from this figure. It will show you total number of emails opened by recipients.

► No. of Clicks

You will get a data of total number of clicks made by all recipients. Moreover, you can check that is that particular user has clicked on that particular link or not? By clicking on “yes” against the email id in the same row (As shown in below screenshot).

► No. of Recipients Replied

As stated previously, reply can be tracked only if mail merge campaign is sent via Gmail Account.

Measure the performance of email campaign by number of replies gathered. Moreover, hit on tick mark to directly sent the reply to that particular recipients.

► Document Opening

One can know if the document has been opened or not & time spend on each page of the document. This way one can find out the hot prospect which can be converted easily.

If you are having difficulties with Campaigns, write to us OR write below in the comment section.

Our support team will be happy to help you.