What if George R. R. Martin had written for Doctor Who!

I am a day dreamer and imagining multiverses and alternate realities is one of those things that I do often so just one of these days while I was discussing love among the Time Lords, this thought struck me — What if George R. R. Martin had written for Doctor Who?! Now you have to know, am bad at story writing so I am not even trying, let’s just bite the bullet (so am not good with jokes either :D ) —

  • Time Lords would certainly be called ‘The Lords of Time’ :D
  • All companions would eventually die, except may be the beloved Jack Harkness, he’s like the Jon Snow of Doctor Who. He already got the coming back to life part figured, thanks to the Red Priestess, oh I meant Rose!
  • Cybermen would join the ranks of ‘cool’ zombies a.k.a. the white-walkers, wouldn’t it be cool to watch them rise back again at the wave of a hand than wait for a cyber-rain. Wait, could Night king be a Jedi with better hand tricks?!
Danny ‘the Cyber Zombie’ Pink
Hand tricks ;)
  • There would be a lot of action, I meant the other kind of action. Incest among Daleks, their manipulator arm would definitely get more creative. ;) Dalek is coming… would find a new meaning :D Sorry Starks :P
Daleks with their Manipulator arm would certainly be more creative in its use ;)
  • When Dalek comes, can Doctor be far behind?! (Shelly would be turning in his grave right about now) If Daleks got plungers, Doctor has the good old Screwdriver to the rescue, as always!
  • I think there will be a lot of limb chopping star wars tributes like the one David Tennant’s doctor did now that we can always count on the residual regenration energy


  • Who can forget the lovely Maisie Williams, she will definitely dish out Dalek pie to Davros, before waltzing off to a spin-off with the impossible girl, Clara.
Maise Williams would be serving Dalek Pie as the Ashildr to Davros
  • I think Master Strax would like the title of ‘The hand of the Madame’ (double meaning is strong with this one :P) better than ‘The potato one’ :D

Probably one of the only downside to Martin writing about Doctor Who would be that it would be unmemorable and crowded with more characters than we could ever care to remember so let’s do what Whovians do best and Run!