Day 13: Navigation & Tools in the Unity Editor

How do I affect and move the assets within Unity’s Scene View?

Objective: Take a closer look at the features and utilities available in Unity’s Scene View.

Since the Scene View is where you’ll be spending most of your time in a project, let’s break down what each of the tools are, and how to maneuver easily inside of Scene View.

Same as anything else, using “Left-click” on your mouse will select any object both in the Scene View as well as in the Hierarchy. Holding the “Right-click” allows you to pan around or “look” around. And the “Scroll-wheel” zooms in and out.

But there is a nifty trick for a much smoother experience when moving around in your Scene View. If you hold the “Right-click” and use your
“W, A, S, D” keys, you can kind of “fly” around the scene. Another neat shortcut, if you’d like to find or focus on a particular object inside your scene, you can select it in the Hierarchy and then move your mouse over the Scene View window, and press “F”.

Last skill for navigating in the Scene View is that if you’re holding the “Right-Click” you can increase the speed at which you move around with “W, A, S, D” by using the Scroll Wheel.

Now let’s talk about the main tools and their functions. In older versions of Unity the tools were stationary, but in the newer versions you can position the tools wherever you’d like.

Each these tools have a specific use. While some are self-explanatory, others aren’t quite as obvious.
View Tool: Pans the camera back and forth or up and down in a simple way.
Move Tool: Can move and position any object in your scene.
Rotate Tool: Can rotate or spin any object in your scene.
Scale Tool: Can scale or resize any object in your scene.
Rect Tool: Used to manipulate and change UI elements in your scene.
Transform Tool: This is for doing scale, rotation, and moving all at once. Recommended for advanced users only.



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