Dear woman, what does FREEDOM mean to you?

We live in the world where we owe a big thank you to the women who fought to give us this life. We need to pay tribute to those souls, by continuing to bring in change and ensure we are not treated as the weaker sex.

Women were always looked down on, they were asked to carry out the tasks that didn’t need mental strength but needed physically strength. But is this what we wanted? Many women give in, but do you think it’s right? Are we suppose to do what others want us to do? Don’t we have a CHOICE of our own? Or to make choices is also not our choice?

Do we think that to make our choice is our freedom? Yes, our choice is our freedom. Don’t curb the woman soul to do what the society wants it to do, rather let the woman free to do what she wants to do, and let the society lead her!

I saw a quote that said, a woman who stays calm are the ones who stay weak, but the woman who screams, are the one’s who brings a change to the society! To this I completely agree. Who decided that we were asked to stay at home? Who decided that most of the benefits are to be used by the men? It’s the man who decided, because man was a selfish being who wanted to be the king. Women had the power to accept, adjust, and so, we gave in. We found freedom in the little things we did, in the way we cooked, in the way we ran the family, in the way we ate etc. But is that what we define as freedom, woman?

Let’s not stay in the dark, let’s not ask for permission, let’s do what is right. The right is to call for a change in the society. The right is to stay independent. Stay us. Because only a woman has the power to change the society without any violence.

Let every woman who is reading this article take an oath that one would never choose to be dominated, never choose to do what is right for others, do the right if you feel it’s right! Lead yourself, make your choices first!