I realized it’s been 5 years to ‘nostalgoa’ facebook post. But it turns out now that I don’t have much nostalgic feeling for those 4 years I spent in Goa. I don’t cling on to past, and this theme in my life continues.

For some reason I wanted to see data on what my 2008a4 batchmates are doing “five years down the line”. I had a feeling this would reveal some interesting results. So, I stalked my batchamates on Facebook and LinkedIn. I don’t care what who is doing and so on. I was purely looking for numbers.

So here are the numbers.

Size of Mechanical Engineering (A4) batch around ~75. Data collected for ~65. Those who have obtained an MBA ~20. Those who have gone abroad for MS/PhD in Engineering (mostly Mechanical) ~12. Those who have gone abroad for MS/PhD in other disciplines (mostly Analytics) ~8. Those who are working in India in other fields (mostly Software or Analytics) ~20. Those who are working abroad in other fields ~3. Those who are working in India in Mechanical field ~2.

Less than 20% of the batch remains in Mechanical Engineering after five years. But what is atrocious is the number of people doing Mechanical Engineering back home, less than 3%. I am pretty sure the numbers are same across all top engineering colleges in India (IITs, NITs etc) for branches like Chemical, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering.

Now consider this: to my shock college fees* to get these degrees in BITS** now is more than 10 lakh. (about 8 lakh in IITs, about 6 lakh in NITs).

Questions then: Why would you spend so much money, and lose sleep over grades for courses that are absolutely useless for 80% of the class? Why do we even teach these disciplines in our colleges? What difference would it make if tomorrow you scrap these degrees and ask students to take whatever credit course they like and graduate?

* in INR

** BITS gives away quite few fee reimbursements. IITs too have discounted fees for low income family students

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