Back on maternity break

Ahh, well three months into my maternity leave and I realised that I could never quit working, no matter the temptation of countless novels, subscriptions for Netflix, hotstar and prime videos, I am just not that person. So I left my 3 months old baby in the loving care of her grandparents, and returned to work – with flexible timing and half pay.

It so happened that a few months later I had to quit again. Would not bore you with the reasons but this is how I have decided to spend whatever vacation time I have.

  • There are actual wiki guides on how to be a good housewife. My task – read them without snorting or rolling eyes
  • Be a good and supportive housewife. Read wiki to know how. Try not be get stuck in a deadlock of snorting and trying.
  • Help Kuhu(my baby) play for 5 minutes alone without, without being the key word here, howling and screaming.
  • Get hair colour and not to worry about my genetically perpetually black hair turning grey as a side effect. Try and not worry too much about it and turning it grey from the stress.
  • Be like Andy of ‘Devil wears Prada’ and get a transformation in clothes and shoes. But wait, was I not working in a hauntingly similar devil wear Pradaish firm? And I am planning the transformation after leaving the firm. Genious. Of Another Order.
  • Blog and become an overnight writer-sensation. Yes piece of cake, that. Also discover new hyphenated words.
  • Learn to dance, Of course now is the time when I have an infant who demands attention 18 of her 17 waking hours. Two years ago was not the time when I had a nice easy schedule with nothing to do, since can’t sleep more than 6 hours(not genetic)
  • Search for a new job and be a rockstar at it. ( In case new prospective employers are reading this. This is also for my husband to accidentally stumble upon and know that I may not prepare for interviews but in my heart I have all the right emotions and intentions)
  • Learn to make rangoli maybe, mentioning it here since the housewife wiki didn’t cover it.

Disclaimer: I am only making fun of the wiki page, not home makers. You guys rock, and i dont need to mention why.

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