Back surgery sucks just about as bad as you’d think it would. The excruciating, can’t think or do anything other than crumple in a ball of tears pain that had been emanating from my left leg is gone, thankfully. Most of the numbness in my left foot is gone, though the pinky toe is still out to lunch, mostly, I have much of the sensation that I’d lost back. All of the pain is gone from the leg. Now, I have pain from the spot on my back where th scalpel and such were rooting around in my spine. Even that is much less than the nerve pain that was coming from my leg for the past 2 weeks.

Mostly a win, so far.

I had an emotional breakdown this morning. There were tears and sobbing and crying. Trish held me and that made it better. Trish has always been the constant in my life. I married better than I deserve and I hope she never realizes how much better she deserves. I am a dim shadow of how amazing my wife is. She has always deserved somebody better than she settled for.

The surgeon was so good as to advise us that the cumulative damage in my back, not just from the place we operated on yesterday, is such that I need to consider a pretty serious lifestyle change, or I can expect to be a cripple at a relatively young age. I’d be lying if I said this was something I hadn’t already considered myself.

You’re not 23 anymore, Russell.

The reality is that I may have to find some happy medium between cardio Russ, Crossfit Russ and powerlifter Russ where I get a healthy level of cardiovascular exercise and some lifting just to make myself happy. I aspire to live a relatively long life, and I’d appreciate being able to remain active for the duration of those years.

I have much to think about and possibly some pretty serious lifestyle issues to address.

Here’s to remaining active and healthy for many decades to come.