It has been some time since I’ve gone on a public tirade about the state of the current election cycle. Fort Herring lacks network television entirely. We watch movies and shows, but we use Netflix, Amazon and YouTube to do it. There are points in the year when this sucks and there are things that we miss. Election year politics (though this presidential election has created a perpetual state of election, hasn’t it?) are an adequate reason to unplug your television by themselves, are they not?

The absence of the kind of television playing commercials is a blessing. Surprisingly, I lack many of the medical problems and the pharmaceutical solutions that I need to discuss with my healthcare provider. My children don’t gyrate between brands of cereal that they just can’t live without. I haven’t had to throw things at the visage of the presidential candidates, spewing lies on my flatscreen. If I’m subjected to these jackasses, it’s because I had the nerve to try to read the news. But it is EVERYWHERE. It is NON-STOP.

I used to love the news. There used to be substance. It used to inform. A person who followed the news was informed and worldly.

Now the news is used to inflame. It is used to incite. It is used to sell. The news is used to intentionally flavor and color our perceptions of reality. The truth can be damned difficult to divine from the available resources.

Firemen have rescued no kittens from trees. No children have won spelling bees. A woman didn’t run across North America this year. Nothing is happening except the election and that which applies directly thereto. Racial inequality. Religion. Police violence. Shootings. Bombings. The Middle East.

What would you do?

What are your thoughts?

Who would you bomb?

Who is to blame?

We hear measured responses speaking of allies and speculation of what happens if we pursue one course of action over another. He hear reasoning and plans. We hear of resources and capabilities.

America isn’t interested in this tactic. It requires thought and understanding. It requires knowledge of international relations, international policy, domestic policy and the interplay of legalities between national and international law. In a society limited to 140 characters, we can’t even.

We also hear threats, hostility — claims that “I saw this coming”, mixed with propositions to marginalize segments of society by an ever-growing erosion of our constitutional liberties. Bomb them. Hit them. Win. Win. Huge. Great. (BTW, if you are worried about the Democrats’ plans for the Second Amendment, check out the Drumpf’s plans for the ENTIRE CONSTITUTION in this brief prepared by the ACLU )

This sells. This is what we’re interested in. Promise bereft of plan. Threat in the absence of repercussion.

This. Is. Going. To. Be. Huge.

I. Saw. This. Coming.

The tragedy of this election cycle is the Democrats keep preaching temperance, tolerance and acceptance. We’re all brothers and sisters. We’re in this together. Don’t judge the lot by a couple of bad eggs. This is the humanist perspective. You can’t end violence with more violence. You cannot cure religious intolerance through religious intolerance.

Somebody has to be the one to take the first step.

The tragedy is that, every time the message of acceptance and tolerance begins to gain traction, another dipshit bowing toward Mecca shoots somebody or blows something up. Will the village collect their idiots? Please? The irony of doing this, is the radical practitioners of Islam are going to reward themselves with the guy who is eager to employ nuclear weaponry to assuage his post-prandial indigestion. And when he reads a dissenting Tweet. Or when he doesn’t agree with an international conflict in which we are a third-party player, at best.

Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?

Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?

Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?

Holy Jesus, Batman. I’ve sat at the console. The hands typing these words are the same hands that would have targeted and turned keys in about the time it takes to run one time around a track. And most of that time would be spent waiting. It is reactionary. Muscle memory. There are well-defined controls for what the Commander in Chief may do within our borders, but he is the fail safe for international relations.

The POTUS is the launch authority.

If given a valid and authentic launch directive, we’re trained to assume there is hellfire and damnation we don’t know about above ground. We’re trained to react — immediately. Washington knows best. We’re the instrument, the tool. They are the brains and the directors.

I’m literally terrified about the prospects of Drumpf having that kind of power.

It isn’t Islam, it’s all religion. Every religion has a built in tenet to convert the non-believers and distrust the followers of other faiths. It isn’t that Christianity is so much more tolerant, it’s that our SOCIETY prevents it. The Christians still do terrible things. They shoot up abortion clinics. But our secular society defines these things as wrong. Islam doesn’t have that same barrier. Christianity as a theocracy would happily return fire. We’re saved by secular temperance, not the tolerance imparted by one religion being superior to the other.

I’m Christian, let’s get those radical Muslims.

I’m Muslim, let’s get those damned Christians.

We’ve landed on the Moon. We can talk to a person on the other side of the planet, real-time. We’ve been to the bottom of the oceans.

We’ve split the atom and all we can think to use it for is settling arguments over whose imaginary friend is better? We’ve discovered all of these things about the universe and we’re still fighting the exact same petty battles we’ve been fighting for thousands of years. The weapons have evolved, but our thinking has not.

As a species we are still children on the playground, rallying AROUND the bully. We are still at that stage of development. We haven’t even reached the stage where we realize the bully is wrong, not the bullied. What is that, pre-school? When the bully still gets away with whatever they want? I’ll go with Pre-K, roughly.

Our logic and thought processes have failed to evolve, but we’ve grown from fighting on the playground with rocks and sticks, to thermonuclear devices with yields measured in KT.

Red rover, red rover, send a Mark 21 right over.

Let’s just kick them all out. All the brown people. Build a wall around those brown people and kick all of the other brown people out. Deport the refugees. A country of immigrants, taken by force from the indigenous peoples, turning around and hating immigrants and refugees. We’ve evolved so far that we’ve completely forgotten who we are.

A fucking religious test. Do I fail since I think all religions are bullshit?

Which Muslims? How do you define it? Sunni? Shia? Others? Each of these have a few dozen individual branches. How do you test it? Hell, American Christianity has… Hundreds of denomitions? How can you not see where this goes?

Soliciting audience members to commit acts of violence on disrumptive, though peaceful protestors. How can you not see where this goes? It is staggering how wrapped up people get about the Second Amendment, so eager to have a penis they can hold and wave publicly, jumping right across the Amendment that literally provides the right to TALK. My God, how quickly do the other rights erode as soon as we’re silenced?

We’re still rallying around the bully who uses his (diminutive) fists, who doesn’t need to support his thoughts or actions with logic and reason. We’re stuck on the playground, with a playground mentality, when we should be in class studying. We’re off the rails, cheering 140 characters at a time. What happens when we need more?

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