Love is the most powerful thing in the world

It makes us smarter

It makes us dumber

Mothers can lift cars because of it

Love starts wars

Love ends wars

Love drives us through the long days and lonely nights

Love makes us do stupid, stupid things

Love makes us warm inside

Even as our lives are in freefall, love makes it ok

Love makes us write poetry

It also makes us write threats

It makes us shoot bullets

It makes us hurt the ones we love

When we’re in love we want to see the world

When we’re in love the whole world is right here

Love makes you dizzy

But it also makes you straight

Love makes doing the dishes sexy

It makes talentless hacks write poetry and feel amazing doing it

Love makes Walmart ok (actually the one thing it can’t do…)

Love makes us give of ourselves when we thought the well was dry

Love calms the burning building

Love pulls the bullets from the air

It makes the cold nights hot

Love illuminates the future

It brightens the past

Love gives life meaning

Love gives people meaning

Love gives history context

Love gives form to thought

Love is a call to action

It is a call to stay our arms

Love makes the long drive worth it

In a cardboard box, love makes you rich

Sitting by the phone, love makes time pass so slowly

Waiting alone for love to return, time is eternity

But with the wheels off, full speed ahead

Love makes years pass in an instant

Love makes time evaporate

The gravity of love bends space and time

Love makes fat people skinny, and stupid people smart

Love covers up shortcomings, smooths rough edges

Love makes us not care about these things at the same time it makes us care so much

Love makes music

Love makes life music

Love writes songs

Love writes stories

Love writes scars

Acrosss our bodies and our minds, love has left a mark

Love is the lottery we all get to win

Love is choosing the excitement of the unknown future

Love is risking it all for the one you love

Love is screaming

Love is quiet

Love is little messages




Clips from the newspaper

Random thoughts, shared

Love says I’m thinking of you

Love says I’m always thinking of you

Love is subtle

Quiet words

Soft touches in passing

A lingering gaze

A longing caress

Love is deliberate and slow

Love is graceful and passionate

Love is bombs and fireworks




Hair pulling


In ecstasy, head thrown back

Love is a roller coaster, the ups and downs both exhilarating

Love is your cheeks glowing on the windy beach

Love is your voice over the surf rolling in

Love is screaming over the roar of a concert

Love is sex on a park bench, because fuck everyone else

Love is making out at the Fair, because fuck everyone else

Love is holding hands

Love is pecks on the cheek

Love is a smack on the ass

Love is the smell of your hair

Love is the angle of your jaw, traced with the back of my hand

Love is setting your hair back behind your ears

Eyes lit up

Lips turned in a delicate smile


Love says words like lingering, softly, gently, harder, faster, longer, slower, more, less, mmmm, like that, not like that, yes, I’ll try, would you, can you

Love sends roses

Love makes the grand gestures

Love climbs the castle gate

Love knocks down walls

Love doesn’t choose, it just is

Love beats you down

Lifts you up





Love is all heart




Love leads us




All you need is love

Your lover

A beer and a sandwich

Love is the most powerful thing in the world

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