The Impact of Technology in Africa

Clayton Christensen: “the only way you can look into the future, since there is no data, is to have a very good theory or a model.”.

What is the impact of technology in our regions ? How do we implement successful digital transformation ? How do we draft best innovation models ? What is our theory about the future of technology and social innovation in Africa ?

I recently spent few days in Nairobi. And as always I learnt a lot about the differences between francophone and english countries in Africa. There is this genius Tosh Juma in Kenya working on something at the edge of disruption and pragmatism in education and business transformation. Or Aziz Yerima in Senegal trying to disrupt mobile fintech with out of the box ideas. They both believe something big can happen if we nurture right frameworks.

You can find expertise in technology everywhere in Africa. Low tech artists crafting amazing pieces in rural markets. Or High tech developers sitting in cafes and building the next piece of sotware that will drive you in urban cities without physical adresses.

That’s the Africa you’re missing when the only way you see Africa is through politics and social issues. Open you eyes and picture something real happening around you. There is a movement building the future of Africa.