DIA 2020 Airdrop

As announced in our community update, DIA will take action to mitigate the adverse market effects from the KuCoin hack by giving back to our community and support the commitment to DIA via a community airdrop to long-term hodlers.

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Details on the Airdrop


  • All wallets that hold $DIA (excluding the DIA Association, DIA team/founders and the hackers’ wallets)

Parameters and Allocation Details

  • Total airdrop size: 3.031.866 DIA Tokens sourced from ecosystem fund.

The DIA airdrop will be calculated on the average holdings during that period set above on the formula below.

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DIA Airdrop allocation formula

y = Amount of $DIA airdropped on each investor wallet
bi (u) = Balance of $DIA on the wallet, taken from last block of the day CEST
num_tokens = Circulating supply $DIA
t_1 = September 25, 2020
t_end = December 10, 2020


Scenario 1

10.000 $DIA invested in DIA Interest Yield Program on August 17. 2020 for 12 months
Airdrop received: 1082,80

Scenario 2

10.000 $DIA held from September 1, 2020 to December 12, 2020
Airdrop received: 1082,80

Scenario 3

10.000 $DIA held from September 25, 2020 until December 12, 2020 + 10.000 $DIA purchased October 5, 2020
Airdrop received: 2023,14

Scenario 4

10.000 $DIA held from September 25, 2020 to October 2, 2020
Airdrop received: 112,49

Scenario 5

10.000 $DIA purchased on October 01, 2020, hodled.
Airdrop received: 998,43

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About DIA

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source, financial information platform that utilises crypto economic incentives to source and validate data. Market actors can supply, share and use financial and digital asset data.

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DIA is a Swiss non-profit association that provides open-source access to crowd-verified financial and digital asset data.

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