Most projects have failed because there is no sustained use case of its coin over time which have caused a declining interest of investors investing in Crypto projects.

But you see DIAGON is that Project not to ignore…


1. DGN coin will be the sole currency used in staking for esports Tournaments on our platforms.

2. Betting on tournaments from ever increasing esports enthusiasts will be by DGN Coin. 3. As a result there will be a consistent traffic of Esports players and enthusiasts to exchanges trading…

Imagine with the knowledge you have now about Bitcoin and its value, then turn back the hands of time to 2009 and you have the opportunity to invest, How much would you invest?

Imagine a coin for a gaming platform, fully functional and engaged as the currency backing up the platform. Do you know the name of this coin? It’s, Diagon Coin! (DGN)


Diagon is a global eSports ecosystem for competitive gaming with three exclusive & innovative features: DiaArena, DiaBet and DiaExchange for everything related to eSports; DiaArena will enable users from all around the globe to contest in different…

We recently conducted our first stage IEO sale on ProBit Exchange and second stage IEO comes up 24th February, 2020 and subsequent stages also, it is important we help you navigate through ProBit platform for easy purchase of DGN Tokens. If you are a larger investor, we recommend to go through our website and buy tokens directly from our company. click here. This method is perfect for obtaining higher volumes under more favorable conditions than are available on the public market.

ProBit — The Fastest Growing Exchange in Korea

About ProBit

ProBit Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange only lists promising, qualified and respected cryptocurrency projects. ProBit stands…

The eSports industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, both in terms of viewership and revenue. The increasing viewership is what mainly contributed to the revenue growth — and it’s not just because those viewers are generating revenue. Brands, seeing the potential of reaching a large and engaged audience, are investing in eSports marketing both directly and indirectly. That’s what has mainly contributed to the rapid revenue growth in the industry, experiencing YoY approximate growth rate of 15% both in audience and revenue.

Diagon competitive ecosystem provides an environment for gamers to compete seamlessly and an engaging/immersing platform for…


It’s no longer news that eSports is now a $1 billion industry as projected by Newzoo, a research firm, and as intriguing as that is — for the profit-minded and business opportunists — this humble industry continues to rise and expand. Now here’s what makes news: big gaming companies, sports businesses, brands and investors, who were at the sidelines all this while observing, now want a slice of that billion-dollar cake — that will definitely get bigger — like foxes; and frankly you should too. So, wait a minute, eSports; what is eSports?

For starters, eSports means electronic sports. It…


Have you ever imagined what will become of eSports 20 years from now? Video gaming didn’t reach mainstream popularity until in the 1970s and 1980s despite been in existence for over two decades. It became more acceptable and embraced by the general public because video arcade games and gaming consoles using joysticks, buttons, and other controllers, along with graphics on computer screens were introduced.

Since the 1980s, video games have become accessible, and an integral part of the world’s modern culture for entertainment purposes. Ever since then, there’s being a transition of games across several generations; from LCD games to…

Diagon eSports

Global eSports ecosystem for competitive gaming with three exclusive and innovative features for everything related to eSports.

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