Create & Share Interactive Diagrams

TL;DR Diagramy is a new way to create and share interactive diagrams. To use it, click on the expand button below the diagram to open the interactive experience. Once the diagram is open, click on the elements in the diagram to explore them. You can also access the diagram’s home page at

(below is a demonstration of embedding an interactive diagram on a 3rd party site)

Why Diagramy?

Diagrams are a powerful communication tool. They make it easier to for authors to explain how complex things work.

And while they are very powerful, diagrams aren’t always easy to explain. Authors have to find a way to describe how the components of a diagram work together. It can be difficult to create these explanations in a way that is easy to follow along.

On the other hand, diagrams aren’t always easy for a reader to grasp either. If it’s a complex diagram, a reader might have to flip through several pages, or scroll down on their screen to read the complete text. This can take the reader away from the diagram itself, making it more difficult to follow along.

These are the two problems that Diagramy attempts to solve. We want to make it easier for authors to explain diagrams, and make it easier for readers to understand them.

How Does Diagramy Work?

There are two parts to Diagramy. The first part is an authoring tool. This tool can be used to create any diagram you can imagine. Once you create diagram, you can then use our content writing tool to make any component interactive.

The second part is for diagram readers. Any author can create and publish diagrams on the website. Or, you can embed a diagram anywhere on the internet (works just like embedding a YouTube video).

Who Diagramy is For?

It’s hard to narrow this down! Diagrams are used by virtually everyone. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just putting together some furniture, there’s a chance you’ve had to understand a diagram. They are ubiquitous.

Our goal is to create the largest library of diagrams on the internet. So that no matter who you are or what you’re searching for, we’ll have something for you.

What Should I Do Now?

Please check out one of our diagrams and give us feedback. We’d love to hear what you like, and what you think could be improved.

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