This whole article is completely missing the point.
Konrad Seifert

I agree with Konrad. I am not bothered by self driving cars at all and I don’t believe that is what most people mean when they warn against AI. What is more concerning is the social re-engineering that will take place from hundreds of small changes to workplaces and things.

As an example I was at an airport in a major city where they still have staff on the check-in counters. At my local airport we have had check-in kiosks for years now. Anyway at this other airport I asked a staff member when they would be getting the kiosks. She hoped never as she has been doing that job for many years. A small thing but with a huge impact for the actual workers in that job. You could say it’s a trivial job and it is better for it be automated but that leaves aside the very real need to find new meaningful jobs. Now that is automation and not AI but automation is the first level of the AI revolution.

What we need are ways to explore new definitions of work and meaningful engagement and the social implications of these changes. Many jobs have tasks that can be automated but that is not always the best idea. It will be the same with AI — just because we can use AI in a work scenario doesn’t automatically make it a smart idea.

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