How to make the most out of your investment using BNB and diamDEXX

Apr 6 · 3 min read

BNB reached all-time-high (ATH) prices against Bitcoin this March. The coin marvelled the crypto world by becoming one of the few serious projects to achieve this through the bear market, giving hope back to investors all over the world.

So, where does BNB’s strength come from?

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Binance created BNB in 2017. Being issued by the –then, and probably still — number 1 crypto exchange, the currency clearly got a head start from its competitors, and not only in credibility: With a strong vision and good leadership, it quickly raised $15 million over a 20-day ICO.

However, a knowledge of market best practices[U1] was what made BNB great. Among other things, BNB:

· Was established as an ERC-20 token instead of on its own blockchain, allowing Binance to focus on the trading potential instead of on complicated tech development.

· Integrated a buy-back-and-burn protocol, using 20% of Binance’s quarterly profits to increase BNB’s value.

· Created a value for itself, with the company offering tangible benefits for those who used it.

· Is liquid, with an important number of pairings being offered to users.

Safeguarding profits

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In the volatile crypto market, however, knowing where and when to enter and exit a trade can be the difference between profit and loss for investors.

Even juicy, successful coins like BNB have ups and downs, which makes it important for users at a profit to consider alternatives after reaching their targets. For this, we’ve made sure to integrate DIAM/BNB back-and-forth convertibility into the diamDEXX wallet.

Creating DIAM, we set ourselves in the path to create the most stable coin in the world. We’ve stored $150 million worth of physical, clean, audited, and certified diamonds in a vault in Antwerp, Belgium, and created a smart-contract based mechanism to ensure perfect stability. Our goal is to ensure investors that 1 DIAM will always be worth $1.

This back-and-forth convertibility offers the only option for BNB investors to safeguard their profits in an asset-backed, audited, stable currency. With diamonds being one of the most stable and crisis-resistant assets in history, we’ve made sure to create an option that, by itself, outperforms fiat-backed and unaudited projects.

Disclaimer: This post constitutes no financial advice. Its point is only to illustrate how users can profit and benefit from the diamDEXX platform in the volatile and unpredictable crypto market. Users are always expected to perform their own research before investing in any project.




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