Say Goodbye to the Stablecoin Fad… 2019 Is A COINsistent Year!

May 10 · 3 min read

Dear investors, crypto enthusiasts, and disbelievers: The crypto market has done it again.

Just in case you’ve forgotten it, the beginning of the year’s market was all chaos and fire. We all had gone through a rough 2018, and were scared that History was going to repeat itself. Bitcoin testing new lows didn’t help our hopes. It was a confusing, painful, and scary time for most.


Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, ARE OUT!

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Right around that time, we set on our path to create DIAM, the most consistent crypto asset in the world. At the moment, stablecoins backed by fiat currencies seemed to be taking the market by storm. Knowing that this trend was leading the market to a dark place, we made the choice to take $150 million worth of diamonds to create an asset that positively contributed to make a change. We vouched for creating a liquid currency backed by something even more powerful than oil and gold.

And then, the bears left, changing the crypto market’s panorama for the best.

The fundamentals of crypto –decentralisation, cooperation, and the hope for better financial systems — once again proved themselves greater than even the most aggressive downtrends. Thanks to these ideals, the crypto community has been able to put the past behind, and move forward to better things.

Enter the COINsistent Era

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We believe 2019 and 2020 will be marked by innovation, creativity, and a new comprehension of the principles that brought us all here. Because of this, we’ve created the ‘COINsistent Checklist’: A guide for investors to recognise viable projects that are set to make a change, push the market forward, and win in the new financial game.

The COINsistent Checklist:

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1. All currency must be backed by valuable assets that perform well in real-world markets.

2. Audited. Backing up currency is serious business. Trust nothing but real value.

3. Consistent. Knowing exactly what you get helps you plan ahead, manage your resources, and ultimately succeed. A spiky chart might make for an interesting speculation portfolio, but not for real, useful currency.

4. Liquid. What goes around comes around… or at least it should!

5. Secure. Enough said.

6. Marketable. Competition between currencies is always healthy and benefits everyone. Assets that are attractive to hold and use will always have an advantage over those that don’t.

As you can see, this list addresses the fiat-stablecoin issue directly: While a stablecoin can be COINsistent, it’s not by default. In fact, no currency it’s COINsistent by default. Consistency, on our vision, is about striving to always be great, not remain the same.

At diamDEXX, we believe that greatness can be achieved, but only through hard work, creativity and innovation. We also believe that a great market can only exist with great assets, so we aim to empower users with knowledge that serves their ultimate goals. As such, we’ve crafted a coin that allows users to jump from a digital to a physical world, seamlessly exchanging cryptocurrencies for physical, tangible assets. This ecosystem ties our main goals together and effectively merges the diamantaire and the crypto worlds.

We hope that this piece has been informational to you, and that you’re as excited about this new market as we are!

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