Mike Sergeev, CMO of DIAMCO Platform, answers most frequently asked questions about DIAMCO and its values in an interview to Aurora Blockchain Capital.

Full video link (RUS)

  1. What DIAMCO project is about?
  • DIAMCO is created on the edge of diamond, finance, blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.
  • DIAMCO Platform consists of online and offline infrastructure aimed at providing innovative, secure and convenient way of managing investment portfolio based on diamonds. Online part of DIAMCO Platform is based on blockchain technology and uses Ethereum smart contracts in its core operations. Offline part provides logistics, storage, distribution of the diamonds.
  • DIAMCO solves many…

Being involved in the blockchain and crypto world as a practitioner and speaker since 2016, I was refusing to join any token-based project for a long period of time because of the following reasons:

  1. I don’t like crypto as it is main incentive today is to be used for the black market and to avoid taxes / AML for cross-border operations while paying taxes is a MUST and I blame everyone who doesn’t understand this
  2. In most cases, the internal token economy can be easily replaced by traditional fiat operations and blockchain usage is totally useless, i.e. …

DIAMCO Platform

Diamonds tokenized | Official blog

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