College Students Nonviolence protest to raise minimum wage

In today’s society, many college students are working at fast food restaurants and only getting payed 7.25 which is minimum wage.We believe to have an affordable lifestyle minimum wages should be raised to 10.10 or up to 15 dollars. If we stick together and have a nonviolence protest about raising minimum wage we can all become great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. He states a quote saying, ”We know of no more crucial civil rights issue facing Congress today that the need to increase the federal minimum wage… A living wage should be the right of all working Americans.”( -Martin Luther King , March 18, 1966).College students should have a nonviolent protest to raise minimum wage to help our economy grow before entering the real world. College students should raise minimum wage to help the homeless people, affect the welfare rate, and prevent people from going without insurance.

In the United States, people are protesting for minimum wages to increase to $10.10 or $15.

Making a move on a college campus

College students are making a difference with nonviolent protesting, just like Martin Luther King Jr. In Raleigh, North Carolina the school Shaw University had a nonviolent protest for the raise of minimum wage for 15 dollars. They marched down the rainy highway of S. Blount under the Bridge chanting “McDonald’s McDonald's, you’re no good, pay your workers like you should(Kehoe News Editor).” The people in the Raleigh community complains and argue about the unfairness of pay. After your college graduation you have choice to further more education, get a job, or do nothing with your life. One day, we all are going to be out of college and into the real world so its up to our generation to make another movement. As a college student we all should come together and let our voice be heard to help our economy before its to late. No one wants to make 7.25 for the rest of there life. So the questions we need to ask our self is “What quality of life can minimum wage workers afford?”

“What quality of life can minimum wage workers afford?”

In this video there is a woman name Terran Lyons she works at McDonald’s as a crew trainer only making minimum wage of $9.85(YouTube). The problem is that the money she is making is only $200 every two weeks. She is supporting her two children , paying $550 rent apartment, and also there is something wrong with the car she is driving. This is the life you can maintain when only working minimum wage.

Students rally at Shaw University for $15 minimum wage . News Editor: Katherine Kehoe

The rhetorical features of a nonviolence protest is to help college students know their rights and what there protesting against is worth fighting. According to Kehoe article, In 1960 the student Nonviolent coordinating Committee was formed out of the a student meeting on the campus of Shaw University and had south activity of America civil rights movement(Kehoe page 2). The Civil Rights Movement started with boycotts, marchers, bus riding freedom writers etc. One outstanding leader of the civil rights movement was Martin Luther King Jr. who was a nonviolent protester who help lead us to more freedom. Today, as college students we should focus on nonviolent movements, especially in raising minimum wage. The article of Kehoe comes to a rhetorical feature of ethos. Ethos is dealing with right or wrong. Our values as college students wanting to have a better pay of living is right.I think everyone should get paid for what they are worth. Also, having a nonviolence protest is right because its creating a road for our voices to be heard and not create violence, harm or danger to others. Kehoe is just helping college students and people of the community to get fair treatment.

The question to ask is “What will happen to the Economy If we raise the minimum wage? By: Jason Toon

As college students we never dream of being homeless, on welfare and being uninsured .In our economy our president Barack Obama has made a proposal to raise federal minimum wages to from $7.25 to $10.10(Toon line 9–10). In Jason Toon article, he uses the rhetorical features of logos and pathos. Logos is logic and pathos deals with emotions. In logos they both argue the side that raising minimum wage would have a sweeping effect on the economy. The economic policy institute released a report claiming that Obama’s proposal would create 85,000 jobs. Pathos deal with the EP organization. EPI believes they can protect and improve the living standards of working families. In pathos they show their emotions of compassion. This leads to the reason why we need to raise minimum wages.

College Students should raise minimum wages for 10 reasons:

  1. It will put money into the pockets of Hard-Working American
  2. It will reduce Income Inequality
  3. It won’t hurt job Creation
  4. It Is unlikely to Significantly impact price
  5. It would Help people get off of food stamps
  6. It will save the government money.
  7. It will improve people’s economic security
  8. It will lift people out of poverty.
  9. Business recognize that they will also be more secure.
  10. 10 millions of children will be more secure.

Can’t survive of 7.25

College students “ this is a life that you will never want to live” not having enough funds. The people that are on the video are drop outs and struggling to live. They are only getting payed $7.25 and with no where to live there only transportation is a bus station going back and forth on there jobs(YouTube).

Percentages rates of Homeless , Welfare and No- Insurance


A graph of families that became homeless since 2003- 2010
Graph of people on different races on Food stamps.

In Conclusion, College students are our next generation who can change the economy. Let’s come together on campus and make our voice be heard for the raise of minimum wages. We deserve nothing but the best; if we don't continue to protest we can lose the opportunity to raise minimum wage. By making our voice heard we can not be afraid to make a difference in what we believe in for minimum wage.”College students let’s raise minimum wage today for a better tomorrow.”

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