If You Can Beat Super Mario, You’re Probably The Heir Apparent To Bill Gates

Time to take a trip back to the Mushroom Kingdom to find out how smart we really are… 31 years later.

Did you ever find it extremely difficult to beat Super Mario Bros.? You’re not the only one. Plenty of kids (and kids at heart) over time have put in countless hours trying to master the classic game. Finally, it’s been proven that all of those years defeating Bowser may have actually paid off.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have concluded that the final level of Super Mario is just as hard as complexity class PSPACE.

But what’s PSPACE? What does that mean? Let me break that down so we can all understand.


According to an actual genius, MJ Berends a Data Scientist at Dose, PSPACE is the set of all problems that we can expect a computer to solve. This means any problem from the tiniest addition to the problems that made you almost fail college calculus. The hardest of these computer algorithms that can be solved are called PSPACE-Complete.

Super Mario Bros. actually surpasses PSPACE-Complete in complexity.

This means that no computer is able to beat Super Mario Bros. based on any algorithms or a specific science. In other words: The game is more difficult than what we can expect a computer to solve.

So if you’ve been able to beat the game in the past, you’re essentially smarter than a computer. Simply put, you’re smart af.


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