I wish I could see you

I wish I could talk with you

I wish I could laugh with you

Dancing, singing, crying.

I wish I could do it all with you.

I wish I could do it all OVER with you.

But actually, I wish nothing different from back then

In fact I wish for the future.

A future, any future?

With you.

I wish I could hold your soft hand and messy up your soft hair… only to delicately place it back again, lovingly.

I wish to see your smile reach outside of memories

How your eyes would crinkle at the ends and your soul would lift

— I miss the vibrations of your voice.

I miss your awkwardness and discrete ability to out-sass

Your ability to see how I see, speak how I speak, feel as I feel, and overall to relate to me like blood.

— I miss your warmth, your invisible safe haven.

I miss being excited for you

I miss being excited by you.

I miss loving you…

I want to love on you…

— I want to just conjure up your existence that abruptly vanished from my radar. I wasn’t prepared…

I wish, I miss, i want, I could, I would, what if, how come, why not