Part Three: How to Buy an Engagement Ring — Why A Custom Ring is Less Expensive

Part 3 of our free series on how to buy an engagement ring focuses on why you should design a custom ring, rather than paying retail.
A lot of people think that purchasing a custom ring is going to be much more expensive that buying something off the shelf, that’s just false and Dan Moran will explain why that is and how designing your own ring can actually save you money.

Topics covered are:

11/1 — The 4 C’s 
11/8 — Where to go to get the best deal on an engagement ring 
11/15 Why design a custom ring? Why not go retail? 
11/22 Is your diamond a good deal? 
11/29 Lab grown diamonds, treated diamonds, & moissanite 
12/6 Insurance for your ring and other basics
12/13 GIA vs EGL
12/20 What you need to know before you propose

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