Diamond Cutting Tools Revolutionise the Jewellery World

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it would be surprising to know that not a lot of girls would be aware of how that sparkling rock reaches them. Many of them would not even know that diamond is actually another form of coal — one that has been through immense pressure and has reached a higher form. Several people would not be aware that when a diamond is first mined, it is a translucent rock, with no shine or sheen. It is a range of diamond cutting tools that bring a translucent rock to the value that we know of!

Diamond is one of the hardest elements known to mankind, which is why no ordinary tools can handle cutting or even polishing it. Several manufacturing companies, around the globe, have created a set of tools, that can cut, polish and craft diamonds, as per the designer’s specifications. It is because of such tools that jewellery designers are able to bring to life, stunning designs, ones that women all around the world crave.

Diamond dressing tools are also important, because it is with them that craftsmen are able to shape the diamonds and ensure that the true shine emerges. The same term is also used for special tools that have diamonds inserted into them. With the diamonds in their edge, these machines are able to cut, carve and polish other hard materials, such as steel and aluminium.

Coming back to diamonds and the world of jewellery — when craftsmen get a rough stone, their first task is to check for how pure it is, whether there are any impurities inside and what the stone will roughly weigh, after being ground, cut and polished. Then the stone is cut into smaller pieces, making them manageable for the polishing part. Once the cut has been finalised, aspects such as colour, clarity and carat come into the picture.

The true value of a diamond is such that even the smaller pieces and grit are not thrown away, because these too find use in several other industries. For instance, the grit obtained after the cutting of diamonds is used to sharpen knife blades in an instant. Similarly, diamond paste can be used to create a high lustre shine on glass and other such reflective surfaces.

Whether it is an entire diamond or simply diamond grit, this naturally occurring element is truly everyone’s best friend!