Diamond Dressing Tools — Industrial Use of Diamonds

You would have heard this phrase ‘Diamonds are forever’. Are they really? Ever wondered why? The answer is yes, and that is why, when you gift a diamond ring to your beloved, it symbolizes your love, you promise to forever. Ok fine, but why are diamonds forever? To begin with, if you want to melt it, you will need temperatures of the order of 5000-degree centigrade, something you get only on the surface of the sun. You can’t cut it because it is the hardest known material on earth. You might be able to chip it though if it had some internal defects. I guess that is why, diamonds are the most precious things in the world.

Diamonds are crystals of carbon found naturally in the earth. They are formed when naturally occurring carbon goes through immense temperature and pressure changes in subterranean earth. The naturally occurring diamond does not look as pretty as the diamond on your ring. So how do we get the sparkling piece of stone from naturally occurring rock? The rock has to go through a series of sawing, grinding and polishing to take the shape of a multifaceted solitaire.

Cool, but if the diamond is the hardest substance in the world, then what kind do you use to make the tools you use to cut, polish and grind the raw diamond? The answer is very simple. It is a diamond itself. The diamond cutter has devised a set of tools that essentially use small pieces of diamond flakes embedded on a rotating metal disk. Diamond powder formed into a paste is often used to cut or polish diamonds.

Now, let’s check out the whole process. The shape of the raw diamond is first analyzed to design the shape of the diamond to arrive at so that you get the most valuable cut diamond. Cut diamonds are usually in many shapes but what gives it the sparkle or the scintillation is the faces that are grinded on to the surface of the diamond and more importantly the angles between them that cause the light entering the crystal to come out from different angles as it gets reflected internally in the faces. The diamond is next fixed on to the diamond holder which has adjustment so that the angle of the face of the piece of the diamond exposed to the rotating wheel encrusted with diamond powder can be exactly ground as the holder slides on the table. So, it is the rotating grinding wheel that does the job of cutting and shaping the diamond.

How do you maintain the grinding wheel because after using the wheel, the wheel surface is filled with diamond grindings? It is the job of the diamond dresser to remove the diamond powder from the wheel. It is a piece of metal with a diamond tip pasted to its end. There are other diamond dressing tools that have more than one diamond pieces pasted on its dressing end. Tools needed for the diamond cutting and maintenance is easily available. To know more, you can visit http://www.diamonddressersindia.com/, which offers a myriad range of diamond cutting and dressing tools.