Diamond Drilling Services

If you are looking for diamond drilling Boreley Worcestershire, then you need look no further. All of our staff are trained qualified professionals who use the best diamond drilling equipment.

Some of the services we offer:


Need to make a wide opening or hole in hard materials such as concrete then you need Diamond drilling professionals. We have a wide range of power sources which allows us to provide diamond drilling services in the remotest of areas.

Diamond drilling is precise and leaves no damage to the material, we can create holes from under 10mm right up to 1500mm in diameter and virtually any depth required.

We can make holes in just about any material safely, from natural stone, reinforced concrete, to the most delicate of tile. A perfect solution for the installation of wires and cables, anchoring bolts and load carrying devices.

Looking for a diamond drilling company in Boreley Worcestershire that can provide a dust free, vibration free and with low noise output so that disruption is limited. Then get in contact with our team and wed be happy to discuss your project in more detail.


When building work is carried out you often require channels to be made in brick or concrete so that the electricians can lay their cables or plumbers their pipe work. Chasing is how we achieve this.

After discussing with you or your site manager and reviewing the plans we carefully mark out the area that needs the channel and make to slots either side of the channel and then we cut out the centre. All of this is done whilst controlling the dust so that it does not spread, which allows us to work around others with no disruption.


We can work with varied number of materials and get into those restricted spaces our team of professionals will discuss your requirements with you and advise on the best solution.

Whether you require doorway cutting an opening in a wall then our experienced team of professionals will use our track mounted circular diamond blade to make the opening.

Our cutting equipment can be remote controlled for extra safety and provide you with:

  • Stair cutting
  • Angle cutting
  • Flush cutting

Our team of professional qualified individuals can work with you to ensure that the project no matter how big or small, is planned, executed, controlled and completed in the agreed time. Projects we work on are completed on time thanks to our dedicated team, we’d be happy to speak to you and answer any questions you may have about the any of the processes mentioned above.

If you’ve searched for diamond drilling companies in Boreley Worcestershire, then you have found the right team to work with you on your project. You can contact us to discuss your requirements and to gain the answers to your questions, one of our project managers will be happy to speak to you so that you’re fully aware of what will need to be undertake in order to have your project completed in the timescales you need it completing and to the professional standards you expect.

We can also provide teams to carryout:


Just let us know your requirements and we can supply you with what you need.

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