SPECIAL UPDATE: Detour Information

Information has been made available on the detour that will be in place on the Diamond to accommodate the Diamond Park Renaissance Project.

Please be aware that starting on approximately April 3, Traffic Pattern #1 of the Diamond Detour will be implemented by the contractor.

Construction will start on the east side of the Diamond. No traffic will be permitted to enter the Diamond from East or West Main Streets. See the traffic pattern map and photos below to get a better visual:

The west side of the Diamond will be a two-way traffic detour, controlled by two traffic signals: one near the Ligonier Creamery on South Market Street to regulate northbound traffic and the other near Hair Parade on North Market Street to regulate southbound traffic. Only one direction at a time will be permitted to navigate the Diamond.

A traffic signal will be situated at both pictured locations to control traffic flow around the Diamond from State Route 711. Left: The signal positioned on North Market Street near Hair Parade will regulate southbound traffic. Right: The signal on South Market Street near the Ligonier Creamery will regulate northbound traffic.

Later in the project, this same traffic pattern will be switched to the opposite side of the Diamond. We will keep you updated as to when that will occur.

There will be metered parking on the north side of East Main Street (100 block). If you park in this area, please be aware that you must make a three-point turn to exit.

Metered Parking will also be permitted on the south side of West Main Street (100 block). Just like on East Main Street, you will need to make a three-point turn to exit this area.

There will be street parking available on the 100-blocks of East & West Main Streets throughout the project. Left: Parking on East Main Street will be open in metered spaces on the north side of the street (Kitchen on Main side). Right: Parking will be open in metered spaces on the south side of West Main Street (Betsy’s of Ligonier side). If parking on either street, you will need to perform a 3-point turn to exit.

Detour signs will be installed on Friday, March 16 and the red lights will go in on approximately March 26, although the detour is not scheduled to go into effect until around April 3.

Please be patient and expect traffic delays when navigating the detour area during this time of Polishing the Diamond. ♦