Architectural Functions of Aergo

Geraldine Barde
Oct 14, 2018 · 5 min read

Aergo is the first platform with key features and concepts such as SQL, reactivity, and isomorphic programming which makes it a great app-writing tool for full-stack developers. Aergo’s development platform aims to appeal to all developers and encourage collaborative development through its blockchain core that allows systematic branching and merging of work. Developers can leverage on Aergo platform for executing all the tasks of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients.

Aergo is set to be a very dynamic, operative and efficient tool for everyday developers and IT system-level architects, with the mission to provide a production-hardened development and deployment platform.

The AERGO Platform comprises of three Major Architectural Functions:

1. Aergo Chain Aergo Chain is being designed with the sole aim to tackle issues currently experienced with the operations of public blockchains. Therefore, an SQL based smart contract platform and other advanced features would be incorporated to that effect.

2. Aergo Hub The ​public interface into the underlying Aergo Chain Aergo Hub is an ongoing development of a blockchain hosting service that acts as the public interface for building, testing deploying and managing various independent blockchains based on Aergo Chain.

Through the installation of many robust tools and supporting services, Aergo Hub seeks to bring the Aergo Chain blockchain protocol and supporting services in to real life usage for its intended users.

Aergo Hub is very similar to GitHub’s repository and it contains all the network’s data. However, Hub doesn’t store all the nodes, rather it shows where and how to connect that blockchain network in repository in order for a right privileged user to have access to all data and dapp code/smart contracts.

3. Aergo Marketplace This is the shopping place for software applications, computing resources and many other resources for Aergo Chain.

Aergo Marketplace aims to enable the sale and purchase of peer-to-peer computing assets such as Storage, Computing Power, Algorithms, Contents, and lots more.

Aergo Marketplace will be accessible through the Aergo Hub public interface.

How Delegates are chosen for Aergo System:

Currently, there are about 23 block providers for the system who were voted by the community and also by a qualification sheet that checks 3 things, namely;

  • Delegates must have the technical know-how from an experienced background in running services and hostage business applications.
  • Delegates must have security credentials that are needed for businesses to really trust their technology.
  • Delegates must play fair with the community when staking their tokens and they must be good representatives.

Aergo is building a voting system for electing delegates so that in addition to the block providers monitoring one another, the community token holders can vote with their tokens to avoid a situation whereby somebody possesses too much power to the extent of trying to control the network.

Aergo Tokens

Aergo will have its own native token that will be compatible with ERC20 and it will support a number of other blockchains selectively.

Functions of Aergo Tokens:

  • Aergo tokens will serve as a native gas for running smart contracts (AERGOSQL) when users are accessing data or CPU storage and also when computing more intensive tasks. The gas type model will be in such a way that not everything is muted to make it economically viable.
  • Block producers will stake tokens to be able to provide services to users. This means that AERGO tokens will serve as a unit of currency for providing services to customers of block producers that are running underline architecture or cloud infrastructure providers that offer extra computing power to their clients.
  • Aergo tokens will eventually serve as a means of payment for the support provided by the partners of Aergo core technology (e.g Blocko’s technical support on Coinstack 4.0) to people who deploy enterprise grade on Aergo platform.
  • DPOS consensus Algorithm on Aergo’s main network..
  • Payment method for AERGO Hub services like blockchain hosting service on a public interface for building, testing deploying and managing independent blockchains based on AERGO Chain.
  • Payment method for services and assets on AERGO Marketplace which is a one stop shop for software applications, computing resources, storage and lots more.

Token Distribution

The distribution and use of tokens will be in accordance with the details below, but is subject to change by Aergo team.

The total of Aergo tokens that will be issued: 500,000,000.

Maximum units of Aergo for token sale: 150,000,000 (30% of total Aergo tokens).

Units of Aergo for community incentives and strategic partners: 150,000,000 (30% of total Aergo tokens).

Reserved Aergo tokens by issuer: 125,000,000 (25% of total Aergo tokens).

Advisors and key backers/supporters: 50,000,000 (10% of total Aergo tokens).

Employees of tokens issuer and affiliates: 25,000,000 (5% of total Aergo tokens).

Private Sale Token price: $0.2 per Aergo token.

Hard cap: $30,000,000

The private sale was oversubscribed and Aergo achieved its funding objectives. This shows that AERGO has strong backers and supporters for its project because of its excellent potentials and it’s team of experts. There are key stakeholder groups including business partners, developers, blockchain technology providers, and platform users.

Aergo made a decision to invest in its community by rewarding over $30,000 worth of tokens through public token distribution event in order to Carter for its most supportive individuals and potential regional partners.

Financial Plan and Fund Utilization for Aergo Project

The proceeds from the sales of Aergo tokens are intended to be utilized for the development and advancement of the technology programs and partner ecosystem of AERGO. A breakdown of the proposed funds is shown below, but is subject to change by the team behind Aergo.

R&D: 40%

Ecosystem incubation: 30%

Marketing: 15%

Strategic alliances & business development: 10%

Miscellaneous: 5%

You can get in touch with Aergo for more information or for inquiries via email at

First hand information about Aergo can be found in the following links to Aergo’s website, social media channels and whitepapers:

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