Snips AIR - Your 100% Privacy Software Developed on Blockchain

Snips AI powered voice assistant software installed in a mobile phone connected to a wireless speaker for dialog

Many people have come to realize that they must give great attention when it comes to their private affairs, whether as individuals or as corporate bodies. Organizations are also trying hard to be compliant with the standards set by GDPR in ensuring that the private data of their customers and employees are stored in secured files.

Although some technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa have emerged to serve as voice assistants, these devices through the internet transmit collected conversations to the cloud storage which makes them non-confidential by design as anyone who gets access to the cloud can use the stored data as he/she pleases.

Government and companies have in various ways taken advantage of the data they gather from the private lives of people to lure and entice the masses into buying stuff on impulse. This is the subtle mission behind the design of cloud base voice assistants such as Alexa by big commercial players like Amazon, which is obviously a set up to track the data of consumers and use that information to create tailored and targeted advertisements that matches the emotional interests of various consumers and hence make them spend so much more than they ever planned on commodities.

The Solution to help keep Privacy very Safe

Since keeping one’s privacy really private is very paramount to truly enjoy a peaceful, confident and free lifestyle, there is need to develop a technology that can help people eliminate and leave no single trace of their private conversations. Rand Hindi has a great passion for people to live in a world that is free from greedy manipulations by the few influential entities, so he decided to come up with a unique software, Snips, that causes voice commands and conversations to vanish.

What is Snips?

Snips is a decentralized software solution which is designed to power voice assistants that can keep every conversations we make within our private space (e.g homes and offices) very confidential.

Snips installed on a device in the office to help with confidential assignments.

Corporations or individuals can easily and freely set up the Snips platform on a single board computer, like Raspberry Pi3, having an installed chat-bot that can be triggered by using a preferred Wakeword, and calling out one of the apps the chat-bot is set to handle:
- “Sai, turn on the TV and go to channel 139”
- “Sure”
 < TV turns on and channel changes to 139>

At the moment, Snips recognizes English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Korean as the languages you can use to communicate with it; to use other languages than the ones listed above, you can leverage on Google’s Cloud Speech service which is already integrated on Snips before more languages are introduced to the Snips NLU (Natural Language Understanding) algorithms eventually. Snips is coded to be able to process and comprehend the embedded Natural Language irrespective of how you speak it. The aim is to give you a transforming experience in the manner you interact with technology with the use of voice as a universal interface and you can build conversational chatbots or voice assistants. The Privacy by Design implies that 100% of the machine learning algorithms required to transform your voice into actionable information runs fully on your device without being transmitted to the cloud. Snips is unique such that it works by operating exclusively on the device offline without any need for the internet, therefore nothing can be sent to the cloud. This means it guarantees your privacy and doesn’t incur variable costs when products are built on its platform!

Features of Snips

  • Privacy by design
  • GDPR compliant
  • One-device
  • Offline
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-room
  • Data Generation
  • Wakeword
  • Specialised language model
  • Performance metrics
  • Entity extension
  • Cross platform
  • App store
  • Multi-turn dialog
  • ASR
  • NLU

How to Setup Snips 
Simply visit the Snips web console, select all the apps you need, and download the assistant file, or directly use Sam to install the assistant on the device that you wish to start give voice commands to.
Another function that the Snips console offers is for you to build your own app for free, just in case the app is not yet available in the store. Snips can be used as a voice receptive device that you can speak vividly the intents (use cases) you want the assistant to handle. For each intent, you can input sufficient illustrations to accustom the system of the Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding, or use the set languages from Snips Data Generation solution. You can program the thoughts of your voice assistant either in the Console directly, in a Github repo, or you can simply indicate an existing Home Assistant component.

Items needed to setup Snips Voice Assistant at Home?
- Hardware: Although, Snips can run alone, you can also choose to integrate it with hardware devices like Linus to run the full platform on Raspberry Pi3 using a minimum of 2.5A and 5V power supply as well as 4GB storage capacity, Android 5 device with ARM CPU can function well alongside with Snips SDK; while for an Apple device, Snips can run on iOS 11 or higher and Xcode 9.1 or higher. 
- Microphones suggestions: The recommended Microphones that are believed to be the most suitable for voice recognition and word detection are the Respeaker 2 mics Pi HAT, the Respeaker 4 mics Pi HAT and the Respeaker Mic Array 2.0. Follow this simple guide ( to find out how you can easily install these Microphones on your laptop.
- Speakers suggestions: For a good sound output such as playing music or a simple conversation, the recommended speakers with inbuilt amplifiers suitable to work with Voice Assistant at home are Wireless Leadsound mini speakers and Mini external USB Stereo speakers which that could be connected to the device through a USB cord.
- Auxiliary components: Other items needed to support the main components for setting up Snips Air Voice Assistant at home are: a minimum of 4GB SD storage card, 25A with 5V power supply, 1 meter long and 2 AWG thick cable. HiFiBerry Bundles for good sound quality.

It could be very cumbersome to develop a successful consumer product especially on a blockchain platform. However, the leader and founder of Snips Air, Rand Hindi and his team are very ambitious, passionate and dedicated in ensuring that this project for privacy through decentralization will bring together like-minded people from all over the world to form a huge community of users and developers who can help take down the centralized powers of the few entities that are currently controlling the majority of the AI ecosystem. So if this vision resonates with you and you want to support Snips project, you are always welcomed to be part of Snips community and you can also contribute by sharing the good news with others! Together, we can eventually have a world that is free from greedy psychological manipulations that only benefits the big players.

For enquiries, you can contact Snips through the website and also subscribe to newsletter for updates.

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