3 reasons why men should not wear UGG boots!

1. It is not cool, trendy, or amazing it is damn right ugly. It looks like a wet brown mouldy sponge on your feet, even for people wanting to be different and original they know that’s not an ideal choice. Your style speaks volumes about you, people wanting their own style know this and put in effort to become different but stylish.

2. These classy wellington boots with fur are unbelievably cool! (A sentence dedicated to sarcasm). I understand if it is cold at home and you just want to get warm however, it’s not a good sight to see skinny jeans with Ugg and any old jacket thrown on top.

3. Buy some different/stylish winter shoes instead of wearing some overpriced brown mouldy sponge. Invest in some winter socks to if keeping warm was an issue, lastly your own opinion is what is most important but this is my view on UGG boots.