President Obama Addresses the 71st United Nations General Assembly
The Obama White House

Security Back Stage: Identity Cyberfraud & IP Mask coverage out of track since 2010. Today I was at Sait Lazaro Tribunals to get the evidence of passport, Education Certification as Accountant, Lawyer & Master in Strategy. Any declaration about class is discriminative, Refugees & Migrants are the results of Corruptive, Disruptive & Discapacity Policies. Instead of giving F&B we must envision, enable & empower our citizens to create Income, better Formal than Informal. G.W. Bush, W. Clinton, Carlos Salinas de Gortari & Mulroney had a dream: NAFTA 1994 signature was a Good Will, today is a fact, even before European Union. Mexico, Canada & US of America believes in our power to generate Income TOGETHER. Yes WE CAN, Yes, WE ARE ABLE via UN go in Vertical Citizen Income Growth.

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