Nobody Want To Dance

So many books that I haven’t read
so much music that I haven’t heard
and so many good films that I haven’t watched
I want to live just to dance
dancing in books, music and films that inspire the soul to cry and thoughts to think
because that’s how I fly
break the boundary
distinguish me from the bigots
we can both smoke, drink beer and even like wine
but do you know about quality?
its fancy
now ask yourself
what you have got from life itself?
what do you do for 24 hours a day?
What books have you read that turned out to change your life?
what music have you ever listened to and shocked you with the lyrics and strains?
Do you remember the movie that makes you feel that life is boring without doing crazy and absurd things?
if you can’t answer all of these questions, then you don’t really live. 
You are zombie.
so much beauty that I haven’t seen
I feel I don’t need religion to live
I feel that I don’t need God to change my destiny
I feel that both God and religion only revoke my humanity
I feel what you don’t feel
or is your fear far greater than mine?
It’s so boring in this life. Nobody wants to dance.