Part of Memory

I call it as a journey …

No god, no master
It’s time to live again
grab and reach your long lost life
which he seized by the creature created by the imagination and the mystery of the blindness of reason
the figure of a terrifying creature of imagination
pulling you out of the earth you step on
beat once
say gently and surely
that you have killed him
that you have nullified him
far gone from your civilization
there is no redemption 
there is no judgment
your soul will be as clear as the ocean
the spirit of your life is like a thunderstorm
the assessment table is in your hands
no more screams of complaints
because you already have yourself
healthy and feel the passion of lovemaking all the time
drunk and cheerful throughout the will
solitude and seclude in the silence of the night
wake up in the morning with the joy of welcoming the sun
your children will call you a bastard
you gently pinch and tickle them
saying the earth is dying
do your best for your son so that the meaning does not stay away from you
no saints no whores
no devil no angels
no one is blessed no one is damned
because we are everything
because in our blood flowing spirit amorfati
everything is beautiful
everything is romantic
none of the meaning of life that does not deserve a place
in you are attached to the charm of evil
beauty and harmony
healthy appearance wal’afiat