How to Achieve Your Goal by 1,000% with 20% of the Effort

on Medium and at Work

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The Hack for Medium and Work Are the Same

Do you have a day job and a side hustle? If yes,

1. Do you want to get into the big publications on Medium?
2. Do you want to get noticed and sell your best ideas to the top executives in your company (assuming you can’t normally approach them)?

For 1: Most people will go on, look for the top 100 publications on Medium, and submit their draft.

For 2: Most people will do the hard work, try to take some initiatives if their line manager approves, climb the corporate ladder.

You can do better than that.

I learned a better way from Tom Kuegler and the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon. You can virtually reach anyone, even if they’re in another country, and have them willingly listen to you.


I’m currently in the process of implementing it, so I can’t say I am successful yet — I will update my results along the way. Tom Kuegler, the inventor of this hack for Medium, has used it successfully. And Napoleon, obviously saw numerous historically successful men and women use this method.

In this post, you will learn a better way to get into big publications and to get noticed by top executives.

They share 4 similar steps below:

1. Find out who the influencers are;
2. Shadow them on social media, EVERY DAY;
3. Ask a thoughtful question after 2 weeks;
4. Propose your idea/project in a “Should I” way, NOT in a “Can you” way, after 4 weeks.

First, Get into The Big Publications.

Focus on WHO instead of HOW” — Dean Jackson

Let’s say you want to get into The Mission.

The first step is to find out who the editors of The Mission are (I’m assuming you’ve already checked out their submission guideline).

You can find the editors if you scroll down to the very bottom of The Mission publication page. Click About The Mission.

You will see all 5 editors there. Pick one, follow this person everywhere: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Communicate with them EVERY DAY, such as liking their posts, commenting on their tweets.

In the meanwhile, you should also follow, in this case, The Mission’s newsletters to get a good understanding of what kind of articles the publication is looking for and what’s popular.

After 1–2 weeks, the editor should be aware of your existence. This is when you ask the editor a thoughtful question — about the publication or one of their posts on social media. You can also share some of your own thoughts.

Meanwhile, keep shadowing them.

After another 1–2 weeks, they should be familiar with you. Now, do NOT ask them if they can accept your submission.
Ask this instead: Do you think I should submit this draft to The Mission?

Try to do this through DM or email.

When the question is asked in a “Should I” manner, instead of a “Can you” manner, they won’t feel pushed. They’re giving you advice on something they’re an expert at — which most people enjoy.

Second, Get Noticed by Your CEO.

The ladder of success is never crowded at the top.
— Napoleon Hill

My company is headquartered in UK, whereas I work in the satellite office in Asia. I’m interested in marketing, and those marketing colleagues are all in UK. I don’t know who they are and obviously haven’t met any of them.

So, Step 1 is go on LinkedIn, search “[Company Name] Marketing”. Find the relevant people and invite them to connect.

Step 2 is shadow them on LinkedIn. For me, i want to know 1) what marketing people in my company are working on in general (I know this sounds dumb, but it’s quite possible when working for a big company whose HQ is in another country); and 2) who are responsible for what specific projects.

You then know whom might be the best person to pitch your idea.

Same as writing for a big publication, you like, share, comment on their posts.

After 2 weeks, you ask them a thoughtful question about their project. This is much easier than writing for a big publication because you likely already know their email address and there’s already a connection working in the same company.

After 4 weeks, you let them know about your idea, ask them if it makes sense. Remember, the key is to ask in a “Should I” manner, get them to advice you, not to shove your idea down their throat.

Congratulations, You Have Just Made a Name for Yourself.

The best case is they’ll like your idea and want you to do it. But if they don’t, they will at least give you some honest feedback.

You have just created a connection with the most important people in the company. Who knows what amazing opportunities this will lead to in the future?