Every time I close my eyes
I see a Dark Paradise
Then I faintly smile
With a bleeding heart.
I don’t see God
God does not live here
Only broken spirits
And blind pioneers.
A crimson sky
The roses are black
I’m lost and lonely
But it’s not the end.
I’m so hollow inside
Lost for so long
Why does it hurt so bad
But feels so good instead?
I build a castle of sadness
My heart is quite sore
A jar full of tears
And a secret door.
I’d rather die and live
Than live and die
For only I know this world
I feel so alive.
In my dark paradise
Angels are long gone
Demons are humans
Everyone is on its own.
I might be an angel
But I’m only a lost child
I cannot laugh or cry
In this world I long to die.
~ Diana Nokaj