Most wanted new gTLD in 2017

.web was bought for $135m, .shop went for $45m and new gTLDs cost a few millions on average. The turning profit from it might be vague, but we have years to come to discover how the domain market will expand. As we speak, nTLD’s are trending, and we gathered some insights on the forecast.

About 6 million new websites were registered last year and about 9% of them are the new, original gTLD’s. The most trending ending — .china — has reached an increase of over 10% registrations, while popular .xyz has decreased — 11%. Still according to the stats, last year was dominated by .xyz (35% — owned by CentralNic), .top (24% — owned by Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology, that owns also popular Chinese endings like .wang being on the 4th place and .ren), .win (17% — owned by Neustar). Branded gTLD’s have become popular too. ICANN has allowed to register endings like .phillips, .bayern or .audi.

Instead of .com users will choose .web

gTLD .web is trending and users have been lacking an intuitive & available domains, that redirect them to their pages. All the straight forward endings were a hit (like .info, .co, .net, .org) because end users intuitively remember the website’s name with a proper ending. Those gTLDs are also SEO friendly — most of the searched pages have an informative, clean TLD

Spartans, what is your profession?

This comes with no surprise — all gTLD’s with the industry’s name at the end will have a good chance of winning the popularity contest. All domains registered with .shop, .hotel, .sport, .radio, .lawyer or .med ending will directly inform customers about the service & signalise a label that should be associated with the company.

Countries, Cities & Places

Last year there were over 20 new gTLD’s with cities like .barcelona or .vegas registered. These are popular also for countries, as businesses want to be more and more localized. Domains with place-like endings are more restricted, but comfortable for users in each country and place, to market their services or products in particular place.

How it’s done…

A perfect gTLD can be a description of a service — whether it’s produced in a eco-friendly way (.organic, .eco, .bio), it’s pricing is an interesting factor (.loan, .free, .sale), or the web page is dedicated to certain users (.adult, .men, or even .dog can give a hint here). Web registrars have a lot to offer in the field of targeting users immediately with the domain’s name, and we keep our fingers crossed for more.