[1] Journey of Less Self-Hate

As promised here I am.

Today was mostly a day of me pushing myself not to give up before even starting.

I spent most of my time cleaning, there were some acrobat-like moves on my part but mostly because I was hoping that cleaning windows and the bathtub would count as exercise. I had to make sure I wouldn’t cheat so I eventually decided to dig up my FitBit again and be responsible.

Let’s review my goals:

  1. no soda drinking: CHECK

2. no fried food (or at least as little as possible): omelette (does that count?)

3. at least 2 walks from home to work per week (roughly 63 blocks): weekend

4. at least 2 short workouts per week (10–15 min YouTube videos I find fun to do — which I will share here): CHECK

5. drinking 2L water: 1.5 L :(

6. owning up my weight instead of refusing to weigh myself: i forgot to this morning, but around 6:30 pm it said 202 pounds :(

Lastly, I wanted to share with you guys the videos I used today. I actually had some fun with them and dare I say felt a little bit sexy instead of inadequate, which is what I usually feel like at the gym.

Hope you guys like them! I will stay with these for this week at least.

The Sia one was my favorite!!