10 Reasons the Word ‘Feminism’ Doesn’t Work Any Longer

After 40 years of fighting for their independence and equal rights, the Western women have finally started reaping the fruits of the occasionally aggressive movement that has eventually turned into an anti-men war. At the first sight, self-sufficient, successful, independent, modern women have got it all. But with time by they tend to start forgetting the value of flourishing relationship, trust, male courtship, and security. It’s not that men these days differ much from those from 40 years ago.

However, there are less supermen who are able to outtop the qualities of superwomen that have evolutionized into a true power close to impossible to tame.

As a young woman I greatly appreciate the rights and opportunities we’ve got as an outcome of this fight for gender equality: the right to vote, workplace equality, the right to be recruited into the army forces. But on the other hand, it’s getting more and more disappointing to face all the negative consequences feminists’ squad ‘enriched’ our lives with.

The reasons feminism is no longer working as a fair opposition to men vary from misinterpretation to overestimation of the word ‘feminism’ itself. Here are my thoughts on why the word ‘feminism’ is not working any longer for many women, even in the West.

  1. Who is the defender?

Men don’t look at women as a fragile gender any longer. They forget that we need to be taken care of and be defended and secured from external negativities. Now women are looked at as a workforce consisting of powerful independent creatures that want to have it their way and only. But no matter how strong and feministic a woman appears to be, she is still a woman, much weaker than a man. It’s a shame to admit, but feminism has erased femininity from a number of women’s existence patterns.

2. What has feminism turned men into?

Let’s face the truth — feminism is not the same as it was in the 60s. It has lost its original discourse in the Western world. Modern feminism is not about equal rights between men and women anymore, it’s about the lack of any objectification against women. Men have let us be stronger, they have given us more power. They are ready to do anything to please us, to glorify our superiority over them in certain occasions just to shut us up singing that feminism song. Women constantly complain how infantile and indecisive men have become lately. But only we are to be blamed for this power shift.

3. Who said feminism is sexy?

Unfortunately, not any longer. It’s not that feminism was originally designed to be sexy, but in the beginning of the movement since it was led by women speaking up for their rights and doing pretty much everything a man could do in their own spectacular way. There was some hot and sex appealing flair men saw in it. Today things are different, the word ‘feminism’ is associated with something aggressive and tough. Feminism has become a total turn-off for many men.

4. Why has modern feminism become bipolar?

A double-standard policy can be applied to pretty much everything these days, from global politics to casual relationships. Both the discourse and the notion of the word ‘feminisms’ are so confusing and misleading in the modern world that has been split into the West civilization vs the rest of the globe. We can’t be using the same word when we talk about feminism in the Western cultures which has taken the image of an anti-men war, and feminism in the Eastern, African, and other third world countries, where women do need help gain their equal rights to survive, speak up, reveal the gender difficulties and problems they face. The same word is not able to differentiate and describe these opposite circumstances.

5. Who is to judge?

Why does a strong woman automatically become a feminist? Why do certain characteristic traits dissolve with feministic standards? The questions are hard to answer. There’s too much undetermined prejudice behind feminism. If a woman is successful and self-made, but single, there’s no right to call her a feminist and put a ‘spinster’ label on her showing that no men will be able to handle her powers. (*from personal observations)

6. Why will men never digest feminism?

By nature men tend to refuse to digest anything but food. Men hate the word ‘feminism’. Their guts turn upside down every time they hear it. They can’t wait till women get fed up with their feministic games and become women again, caring and loving, standing behind their men’s backs. No wonder, women with active feministic views have hard time establishing solid relationships.

7. How does feminism work undercover?

The word ‘feminism’ have become very overused, especially as a cover to certain political views. I’m not going into political debates here, but every time we turn on news or read a newspaper, we run into cases where women use feminism to achieve their personal goals when fighting with male audience that is hard to be influenced with any other means.

8. Feminism VS Femininity

Feminism doesn’t mean rejection of femininity, and many women forget that. Being actively involved in establishing their feminism-independent-from-men grounds, they become self-conscious and egocentric. They forget how to embrace their femininity thinking it makes them weaker when compared to men.

9. What is feminism destroying?

Unfortunately, for over the last 40 years feminism has diminished certain traditional ways of being and doing for women, from running household and bringing up children to becoming the only bread-winner in the family. Shift of power in relationship and family is taking the wrong direction. Women take all problems and duties on their shoulders by this making many modern men irresponsible and incapable.

10. Let’s make it clear.

Feminism is about encouraging girls and women to fullest expression of their natures, but not about totally denying femininity and becoming equal to men. If we were created not the same identical way as men, there is a natural reason to it.

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