Life Under Pressure: 10 Ways to Save Your Millennial Soul in the Years of Uncertainty

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you can’t find answers to all the questions you’ve been asked?

I bet you have. When your parents ask you when you are going to date a serious guy and think about marriage. When your friends keep on inquiring when you land that job of your dream you’ve been working so hard to get but haven’t yet. When you are going to own your apartment, start saving, stop partying, eat healthy, enroll in the gym, and so on and so forth. We have been daily attacked with dozens of questions we simply have no answers to.

Life in the 20-s is full of fun, events, new people, fresh opportunities, and independence. But, we’ve all been in the situations when we have to make two steps back before we make that so long-waited one forward. There come times when things get tough and hard to achieve, circumstances don’t play along, we are at the crossroads, and, eventually, we get stuck. The wheels of life are slowing down and we start looking for ways out.

Whether it’s a relationship or a job, friendships or self-development, getting stuck with theese things do happen, and to be honest, quite frequently. And you know what — it is perfectly fine. The line of life can’t be always straight, right? The excitement of it lies in overcoming these obstacles to enjoy the wins in the end.

The trick to survive in the minutes of stress and uncertainty about the future at work, or when dealing with annoying worries of your family members, or handling nomadic months when you are looking for the harbor to anchor is to learn simple rules that will help keep you sane:

  1. Don’t let other opinions and judgements crush you.

This is the most vital quality you can obtain if you want to succeed in this world. We are so influenced by what people say and think about us, that sometimes we are close to loosing our identity and belief in ourselves. But, we are not what we are thought of. Only you know what you are IRL and what you are doing, and people who allow themselves to judge others don’t have a slight idea of all the reasons and conditions behind your life situations. So let them speak, but never take close to heart the judgements you hear. Zone out if needed.

2. Stick to your gut feeling.

Intuition never lies. But for some reasons we don’t trust it thinking it misguides us. The power of a gut feeling is immense and historically has led people to the right places, the right people, and the right answers. In the moments when you are stuck, it always helps to put aside everything you are doing, quiet your mind, and just look inside and listen to what your gut feeling is whispering down there.

3. Stay genuine and humble.

The worst thing you can do in the moments of uncertainty is to pretend everything is fine, play a role you are not. Only the bravest of this world can admit their failures. We all make mistakes, so embrace them, never neglect them, and find the strength to wipe off the dust from your knees and move on. Being genuine is hard, but there’s no reason to be afraid that your true nature will be judged, maybe if only by the liars themselves.

4. Stop explaining yourself to others.

Hey, you are no longer a six-year-old who has to explain the parents why you kicked a little boy in the park who was intentionally on your way. Don’t feel that you’ve done something wrong. Be confident about yourself and know that there’s a reason in everything you’ve done and haven’t done. Others should better mind their business.

5. Become friends with your folks.

For those you haven’t found common ground with your mothers and fathers yet — it’s time to do so. While you are in your 20s they are the ones who can guide you and tell good from bad. We may think we know everything, but we, unfortunately, don’t. We lack that life wisdom that comes with age. Learning solely from our mistakes is a great way to gain experiences, but making a little effort and listen to what your parents tell you is so worth it. In your 20s they can be your only legit friends who will stand by you no matter what, save you from the worst troubles, and cook you a warm dinner.

6. Make mistakes.

That’s how we learn what we like and don’t like, what we can and can’t, what we want and don’t want. It’s close to impossible to learn from others’ mistakes — so you have to dig it all yourself. Just enjoy the process and don’t worry about its outcome.

7. Stay busy.

Use your free time in a smart and productive way: read books, educate yourself, learn something new, attend seminars, etc. These occupations will not only develop you as a person, but also leave you no time to analyze your not-so-happy situation too much.

8. Wake up your sense of humor.

Learning to laugh at yourself does help. Even if you are asked unpleasant questions about your life you would want to avoid — crack a joke. Never show anyone that something has touched you or something is going wrong. Not everyone can laugh at themselves. It’s an art, but once you master it you can figure out how to get out of any situation in your life with a positive mindset.

9. Never give up.

There’s a solution to everything. Believe in yourself, even though you’ve failed seven times in a row, or have heard hundred ‘Nos’, or haven’t achieved your dream just yet. Never put your hands down: you fail seven times — you get up eight.

10. Don’t try to run faster than time.

Being patient is super hard, but once you develop it, life will become so less stressful. Admit that there are circumstances that don’t fully depend on you. Letting things go and trusting yourself will definitely add a pinch of calmness your life. Let things take their time and stay alert to catch the right fish when its time is up.