New Year’s Wish: One For All

I was a year and eight months old when I saw my first Santa (actually it was Ded Moroz, a Russian version of Santa). He was invited to our house by my parents. First, he asked me to recite a poem, which I did. Then, he asked me to sing him a song, which I performed obediently. And finally, he rewarded me with many gifts. When Santa left, my parents asked me how I liked him. My answer was simple: ‘I love my grandpa no matter what he dresses into’. Under that thick white cotton beard and a red gown I recognized my grandfather. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise and played along till the end like a good girl. But at that age I knew that anyone could dress like Santa and have the magical power of gift giving.

Although, I knew back then and still do that Santa is not a real person, I do believe in a magical power anyone who cares and loves can obtain to make the people around happy, if not all year round then at least on holidays. And every one of us has this power of love and giving.

Here is another year coming to its wrap-up. It’s a good time to reflect, count wins and losses, put check marks next to the done-items in the bucket list, maybe write down a couple of New Years resolutions. But do we really need to wait for a new year to make those resolutions come true? Can it possibly be an on-going year-round process? ;)

The older we grow the more goals we tend to set for the upcoming year truly hoping that we’ll get our stuff together, become smarter, wiser, luckier, richer. We get so hard on ourselves at times, don’t we? We do hope to become supermen and superwomen on January 1st. The older we grow, the more expectations we set and the more disappointed we get when things don’t work out the way we want them to.

Have you noticed that our wishes each year are becoming more and more self-concertrated? We wish for things that will make our lives better, but

we never wish for something global, like peace in the world, wish for everyone to find their home and have a family, wish for the world powers to stop competing and finally care for their people, wish for every child to have parents, wish for sick people to get well, wish for our planet to serve us longer and keep us safe.

Has any one ever wished for these things?

We’ve become so skeptical, so selfish, so heartless and down-to-earth that any thought to single-handedly change this world shatters into tiny pieces right away. And I’m not here to blame anyone, but to encourage to reconsider what we wish for.

I’m old enough to know how materialistic the world is getting with every day and the chance of something magical to happen gets close to zero. But I believe in the power of thoughts that makes anything possible. And if we wish for the same things at the same time, and in the new year do something about our wishes to actually make them happen, there’s a chance that things can change. And it won’t be a miracle that does it, but us, all together, making a little step towards making this world a better place.

Every New Year’s at midnight while the clock is striking I have only twelve seconds to burn a tiny piece of paper with my wish written on it, put the ashes into my glass of champaigne, and chug it before the countdown is over. I do it not to entertain myself, I do it because there is a power of thought no matter how you express it by drinking champaign with ashes or just saying your wish in your head. The point is to put it out there and let all our thoughts form an energized ball that will return to us in the new year and give us the actual power to do things, maybe something little and not noticeable at the first sight, but to DO something for all of us and our future, but not just for our beloved selves.

This New Year’s at midnight we all will have a chance to wish for something good. You can choose a personal wish or a wish for all of us, it’s up to you. But this midnight will be a perfect chance to thank the Universe for everything we, people, have and to ask for the strength to improve things, at least for the sake of our children. We can make the world a kinder, more loving and more respectful place where each one of us will be proud to reside. Still, there are not many us who will do it, but I highly believe that if our wishes coincide a true miracle can happen, and we’ll watch it in 2016.

Happy New Year’s, everyone!

Cheers to 2016!