Thank You For Being So Selfless: An Open Letter To My Parents To Thank You For Everything You’ve Done

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve never had the opportunity to thank you properly for everything you’ve done for me. I’m not even sure how it should be done in person without stirring oceans of emotions and causing streams of tears. I get a little shy with this sort of confessions, because I believe words can hardly describe all my gratitude and love for you.

I’m so happy I’ve made it to 27 and can proudly call you my best friends and the most loyal life mentors who always wished me best. It took us years to establish the bond we are thriving in these days. It’s great I can share my secrets, worries, disappointments with you, and no matter what I say or do, you will never judge me.

My first big thank you goes to my upbringing. Now looking at children I start realizing how vital it is to invest into kids, their manners, morals, habits, education, and class. I was so afraid to disappoint you up until I was 13. Being an only child to you definitely set certain pressure on me. But under this pressure I’ve become a stronger personality. Some may think it’s the worst to be the center of the universe in the family, but I am sure to say that being the only child is the best thing that could have happened to me. I had and still have the two of your hearts selflessly devoted to my life and happiness.

Yes, I never wanted to upset you and not to meet your expectations. You’ve always taught me I can do better, with hard work and discipline I can make all my dreams come true. I didn’t believe you back then, but now looking at what has become of me, I’m grateful I listened to every word of your.

It was a mini disaster to me every time I brought home a grade below ‘A’ which meant a day without TV and playing with friends. I know now you made me study hard, not because you wanted to get me out of the way like many modern parents do, but because you wanted me to find joy in reading, get inspired by learning foreign languages, dream when playing the piano, expose feelings when writing my own poems, experiment with colors when drawing, discover something new about my homeland history and nation by going to museums and watching theatre plays. Thank you for spending your time on me, for taking that extra minute to answer my question, for listening to my nonsense, and simply for being patient and so selfless. I’ve learnt how to stay organized with my time, how to value every hour, how to live with the desire to grow and never settle for less.

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me in my craziest life decisions ever: going to work abroad for summer to a different continent, or moving to the U.S. from Russia all on, or not being able to spend holidays with you for many years in a row that I spent on studying, working, traveling, and making mistakes. Your selfishness gave me powers to fight for my happiness and learn from my mistakes. You never judged, or influenced any decision of mine, ever though you saw me loosing. You trusted in my sober mind, common sense which You never went against my stubbornness because who else if not you know I’d rather get burnt than miss on an opportunity.

Thank you for picking up your phone in the middle of the night when I called from from the other part of the globe, for opening the front door when I appeared with my suitcases, and pouring a glass of wine after my failures and heartbreaks, and inspiring me to get back on my feet and move on. Thank you for quietly watching me doing my thing and rewarding me with your pride of me.

You’ve raised a perfectionist and a curious mind. Your love, care, and moral standards keep me on the ball and help a lot in achieving my goals and building my own empire now.

Thank you for understanding my ambitions and accepting me for who I am, although I know it’s hard for you to get how I sleep with my cell, have a nomadic style of life, lack ties to any place, and so not ready to have kids of my own. But when I do, you’ll be in charge for bringing them up, as there’s no one else could invest selfless love and pure life wisdom into children like you two do. You rock this world!

P.S. I wish you could speak English to read this letter. But it will be a rewarding exercise for you to Google-translate it.

Love you always,

Your diligent-gone-wild-with-age daughter.

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