Top three best reasons to start writing today (not tomorrow, today.)

1. It won’t write itself.

People get lost in dreaming about that novel, that new project, that whatever it is. The whole idea of “waiting for inspiration” is debilitating. It can stop you before you even get started. Inspiration has a funny way of showing up once you’re already en route. Sometimes it’s so gradual and subtle, you don’t even realize it’s happened until you read over your pages and realize they’re full of energy and even, sometimes…inspiration.

2. You’ll never be younger than you are right now.

Every day that you don’t write is another opportunity lost. Each day has its own perspective, its own lovely or strange or lost or haunting slant of light. And each day that you don’t write you lose a tiny bit of that one, singular, wild writing life. Capture today.

3. Everything that follows is better.

Creative people need to exercise their creativity. It’s just as crucial as vegetables or exercise or fresh air and water. Creativity is a vital nutrient: having written, you will feel better, breathe better, think better.

There is freshness and life in beginning. You probably won’t be able to see your way to the end, or even to a murky middle, but bright starts are available to each of us, every day.