How To Send Reply-Worthy Messages via Email or Social Media

Never send cringe-inducing messages again with this simple structure and template

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1. Know Who Will Read Your Message & Understand Their Driving Factors

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2. Write a Personalized Subject Line and First Sentence

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3. Keep Your Intro (and Overall Message) Clear and Concise

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4. Get to the Point

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5. Give a “This or That” Style CTA for Next Steps

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6. Keep Compliments Genuine & Specific

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Putting It All Together

Hi Victoria 👋I'm Diana, host of The Really Popular Marketing Podcast with over 500K listeners and a combined social media following of over 5 million followers.I’d love to invite you to be a guest on the next season of The Really Popular Marketing Podcast. Your advice on Someone Else's Podcast about how important it is to take scheduled breaks to avoid burnout really resonated with me.Our audience struggles with this and would surely love your take on energy management as a marketing professional (also open to another topic if you want).I'm wrapping up guest invites these next two weeks. If you'd like to be a guest simply reply telling me that you're in so we can coordinate our episode recording date (and tease your upcoming episode on a live video to our 2 million Instagram followers).Looking forward to hopefully having you as a guest!
Diana Briceño



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Diana Briceño

Head of content at VEED and content marketer helping people build better content and avoid burnout.