Why I’ve decided to go for it

As an aspiring journalist, I understand it’s in my best interest to put myself out there and to try to build some sort of platform that will give my portfolio a bit of depth. (My portfolio is currently non-existent, but I like to think about it as a work in progress, even if I’m not actually making much progress.) That, though, takes a lot of courage for me: it takes facing my fears, gigantic as they are, and run them over with everything in me.

Fear has always been so ingrained in who I’d made myself to be, that confronting it seemed unattainable for pretty much half my life. But now, having turned 20 a few weeks ago, I’m only starting to realise I actually have a story to tell. It might not be relevant to many, but still it’s mine and only I can tell it. Most of it, though, is going to be messy, unplanned and maybe even too intimate to sound relatable. But I do believe we all have a unique perspective on things, different backgrounds and experiences only we as individuals get to live out. Yet sharing our viewpoints with others I think is key to help us understand ourselves and each other, and o boy does it make us better.

So this will be a blog about life: I’ll explore myself, but I’ll try to do that within the wider context of everyhing that’s going on in the world right now. Some of the issues shared will be controversial, but that’s what is out there right now: thousands of millions of voices trying to speak up all at the same time, no one listening to each other. That obviously brings about confusion and collision, but as long as it is shared respectfully it can only be enriching for whoever chooses to read it, and maybe even eye-opening for those that choose to let this blog challenge them (or at least that’s the plan, that it won’t always sound muffled or angry like most voices today, but that it will have the courage to stand out and to step out, and the depth to reach far beyond myself.)

As a sidenote I’d like to mention English is not my first language, so any constructive criticism is always welcomed if you keep that in mind :)