Finding Yourself In Grief

Sometimes we need a little help

The loss of a loved one can turn your world upside down. Death is a transition, and you will see your brother again, is what I heard a lot after I lost my brother to cancer in 2008. I saw death then as a permanent ending, it didn’t matter what anyone said to me, I was headed down the wrong path. I let the negativity take over thus I was not mourning properly. Therefore I plunged into a deep depression. This pain was killing me, I started to detach from my own beliefs, by lacking in the physical, mental and spiritual mind frame, I was losing myself. Neglecting the signs that where warning me “your going the wrong way” thankfully my mom was there, she tried to open my eyes. I started to take her advice, something inside of me was pushing me to listen to her, cause honestly I wanted to die. So I can relate to this pain and at that time I didn’t see but now I know that the angels, guides and the Divine are there to help and assist you through this, unfortunately they cannot take away this pain because it is part of your path. The good news is you do have a choice, do you take this pain as a learning experience or do you let it spiral you into a deep, dark depression?

If you choose to learn from this, which it will still hurt, but your spirituality will grow. By choosing this path you are letting light in and your healing will arrive sooner and you will be in control of your emotions. Still guard your heart. See I did not take this path. When you choose the other, like I did, your thinking becomes fogged, not knowing really what to believe or trust. Which sends you into moodiness and your lows will keep spiraling down. Probably casting judgement upon yourself, like I did, if I could of done this or that…it doesn’t matter what you have done really, it is what it is. If you do start to judge yourself, guilt will arise which conflict with self will bring burdens, more stuff to carry. With many emotions you may even turn your back on your beliefs, because slowly you are believing all the lies this negativity is feeding you. Your obviously not letting those emotions go, now your bringing in changes but not good ones cause like attracts like so what you are bringing in is negative ones. There are a few ways of jumping off this course, 1. Getting help (counselor) or 2. Listen to friends, or family advice. Which would slowly shift your attention and you can focus inwardly, which would place you on the path of compassion, the correct response to this situation. You need time for you, resting from mentally beating yourself up. Let this positive change flow naturally, taking time for you. You are realigning yourself with your higher self to achieve a better life. Your happiness will return. I would love to hear about the path you choose and how you overcame this mountain. Love and peace forever and always.